Kwikset SmartKey Review

Kwikset Smartkey Review

If you have been following us for a while, you probably know I have been busy remodeling my house. While it has taken longer than expected (go figure), but I have learned a ton over the last couple of months. I have come across some very cool and also some not so good products that I never knew were available on the market. Since I am gutting the whole house, I bought new doors and started researching door knobs and hardware. Well, I came across a very cool concept called SmartKey by Kwikset. So let’s jump into the Kwikset SmartKey Review and see if this is worth a second look.

Kwikset SmartKey Review Overview

If you have bought door hardware, you are probably familiar with Kwikset as they are a large manufacturer of doorknobs and other hardware. They can be found at a variety of places such as Lowes and The Home Depot. So what is SmartKey?

SmartKey is a way to eliminate all your household keys and have one single key. Kwikset designed a system that allows a user to rekey their locks and only have a single key. So people like me who had 6 different keys, can now have one single key that will open all six locks. So I can access my front door, back door, garage door, shed, toolbox and outside lock with a single key.

Once I get all the doors and hardware installed, I will cover the Kwikset locks in a different review.

Kwikset SmartKey Review Features

Kwikset Smartkey Review

SmartKey comes as an added feature in the new Kobalt toolbox. The SmartKey system allows you to rekey your locks in 3 easy steps.

For now, I have my shed, toolbox, and garage door (Door handle and deadbolt) all set up with the SmartKey systems.

Kwikset Smartkey Review

In order to rekey your locks, you have to have one of the locks that are compatible with SmartKey. So if you have an older lock, the system will not work. When you do purchase a SmartKey, you will get this small tool that allows you to rekey compatible locks.

Kwikset SmartKey Review Performance

To rekey a lock, it’s extremely easy.

  1. Insert your key into the lock you want to be rekeyed.
  2. turn the key 1/2 way
  3. Insert the rekeying tool (the small tool above.)
  4. Take out the key
  5. Insert the new key and turn

Yes, it’s that simple and yes, it’s technically more than three steps, but only because it’s easier to explain this way.

I was able to rekey my garage door, shed and toolbox in about 3 minutes. Once I get my new doors on my house and new locks, I am going to set it all up. I can’t tell you how nice it is to only have a single key.

Kwikset SmartKey Review Value

Since you can buy different locks, there isn’t one set price. For me, I have the padlock and basic deadbolt. The cost is cheaper to buy these new locks, then it is to have a locksmith come out and rekey my older locks.

One of the best value-added features to the SmartKey System is how reasonable it is to rekey down the line. The Kwikset SmartKey Security Re-Key Kit can be purchased for around $11.00 dollars at The Home Depot.

There are so many options available from Kwikset based on your lock and hardware style needs. A few options work considering, the Juno Entry Knob Set offers a classic look in multiple finishes, the entry knob and deadbolt start at about $50.00 dollars. The Kwikset Arlington Door Handleset is a beautiful option as well and clocks in around $130.00 dollars.

Kwikset SmartKey Review Final Thoughts

I understand that locks may not be an interesting subject, but I think this SmartKey is extremely cool. I love how I can get rid of my keys and just have a single key. And in case you are wondering, you have to have the key that fits the lock in order to rekey a lock. So you are protected and someone who has the rekeying tool can not break into your stuff.

Bottom line, I like this system and how easy it is to set up and use. The future cost savings also make this a product line worth considering.


  1. As a locksmith I can honestly say that there are many more downsides to the Kwikset smartkey then there are up sides. Any Kwikset smartkey you can take a different key than what is currently keyed using a pair of pliers like you would have on a multi-tool on your belt you can pop open the lock and it will not damage it to the point where the homeowner will never know that the lock is open to any and all Kwikset keys. As a locksmith I can honestly tell you they’re a piece of junk get rid of them. Please do not give homeowners false hope. Schlage once had a line like this because of that exact same issue they pulled the line.

  2. Agree – buy something else. We’ve had for 2 years and switched to another brand – (1) batteries have to be replaced every 2 to 3 months depending upon use with no way to monitor power. So, when the batteries die, so does the lock. Keep a key hidden somewhere. We’ve used it a few times. (2) Mounting isn’t designed very well. The unit slips and slides at the top end. (3) The WifFi app and link are unreliable.


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