Ego Blower

Ego Blower

You may or may not know, but Ego is pretty new to OPE.  Since they have come out, they have been turning heads.  Not only has the consumer been more intrigued by their quality products, but other OPE manufacturers have been trying to play catch up with Ego.  Well Ego did it again with the new Ego Blower.  They just introduced a new 56v blower, which is a step up from their LB4801.

Ego has managed to increase the cfm while lowering the weight and size of the blower.  The new blower has a total of 530 cfm while the older version had 480 cfm.  Ego still uses the same 56v platform battery, so don’t worry if you want to upgrade to the new blower in a bare tool.  The Ego blower uses a turbine fan design to help produce this type of power and speed.  While we loved the older version, it was a little bulky.  With the new blower (LB5302), this is a lot more slim and only weighs 7.4 lbs., and yes that is with the battery attached.  This blower works like the older blower where you have a lever to adjust the air flow.  This unit also has the turbo button on the top of the handle in case you get to those pesky spots where you have a pile of wet leaves.  If that wasn’t enough, it only produces a noise rating of 65 db. and comes with a five year warranty.

Since we have been using the Ego products, they have truly surprised us.  They are quality products that are built to last the homeowner a long time.  We are always a little leery of new products and companies, but I can tell you first hand that Ego is the real deal.  Ego doesn’t seem to be stopping as they will be offering more products in the future, which is always good to see a company expanding a battery line of tools.

Ego Blower Specification

  • 530 CFM
  • Up to 75 Minute Run-Time with 2.5Ah 56 Volt ARC Lithium Battery (on high-efficiency mode)
  • Weight & Battery: 7.4lbs with 2.5Ah Battery
  • Variable Speed Dial: 250 CFM / 400 CFM / 530 CFM
  • Brushless Motor
  • Weather Resistant Construction (ipx4)
  • Turbine Fan Engineering
  • Noise rating (dB) 65
  • 5 Year Warranty

While Ego costs a little more than some of the other products on the market, they are well worth the extra cost.  A huge thing to consider in cordless tools are the batteries.  Ego seems to have built a top quality battery that will take the abuse of charge after charge, plus heat build up.  I like Ego so much, I sold my gas Toro mower, a gas blower and gas string trimmer.  I have been using the Ego platform for the past couple of years which is the mower, string trimmer, blower and chain saw.  I have been extremely happy with all the OPE tools in their line up.  Next time you’re at Home Depot, stop by their garden center and check them out for yourself.



  1. awesome OPE, just don’t get the one Dan built lol just kidding, big fan of the Ego OPE, but ill probably hold out for Milwaukee #TIACREW


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