Keter Tool Box

Keter Tool Box

Keter is one of those companies that will surprise you.  I know they have.  We have checked out some other work benches, storage boxes and more.  Each time we were pretty amazed at the design quality that can go into plastic items.  Not only were they designed well, but they were strong and durable.  They recently asked us to take a look at their new Tool Box.  The tool Box is a 22″ tool box, so let’s jump into the Keter Tool Box.

Now Dan wasn’t a huge fan of the box, but I think he missed the point of this box.  He kept telling me they don’t compare to the Dewalt tough box.  For me, I don’t expect them to be the same as a tough box.  First, a Tough box is designed for the job site.  They are durable, but they cost more and are heavier.  For me, I think this is a great box for the homeowner or even the job site guy who wants to keep some tools in his van or truck.  The walls of the box are thick, so I am not worried about them giving out.  The handle is nice and big, so you can even grab it and carry it around with some thick gloves.  Here is what is cool about this box, the latch.  The Keter Tool Box uses a single latch to open the box.  However when it closes tight, it actually has two latches that keep the lid closed.  How nice is it to just open your tool box with one hand, but have the strength of two latches?  For me this is huge.

When you open the box, there is a traditional, removable storage tray.  On the top of the lid, you can see that they reinforced the lid, so it doesn’t buckle under stress.  Again, you can see that the walls of the Keter Tool Box are thick and shouldn’t have a problem staying strong even under heavy use.  Again, I have to say that Keter really makes quality products.  I have yet to see a Keter product that is junk.  Every Keter product we have tried, you can tell that a ton of work not only went into the design, but also into the manufacturing of the product.  Check out their other Tool Boxes



  1. Ketter used to make all Black & Decker’s tool boxes here in the UK and I own quite a few that have stood the test of time well. Not sure about now since the Stanley Black & Decker merger.

  2. Keter makes boxes for lots of brands – they are the go to company the big brands subcontract their manufacturing to. I know they make pretty much all the Milwaukee boxes, Stanley, DeWalt and Rigid. They also make various tool boxes under their own brand. Very good quality stuff compared to the cheap and nasty cnineseium made ones.


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