Wiss Knife WKFP1

Wiss Knife

I am not sure what it is, but for some reason I love knives.  I really can’t say I know a ton about them compared to some of the guys I have met over the years.  When it comes to power tools, you pretty much know what you’re getting when you buy it.  However with knives, it’s a little different story.  You can spend a ton and get a great knife (Well sometimes you pay a lot and get junk).  There are other times you can get an inexpensive knife.  While some will surprise you on the quality, you pretty much know what to expect from a lower priced knife.  Today I want to tell you about the Wiss knife, model WKFP1.  I can’t say I am familiar with these knives, but I do know they make a line of retractable utility knives.  I believe the company is owned by a bigger company called Apex Tool Group.

When you first look at the Wiss knife in the package, it’s very eye appealing.  The blade looks sleek and the handle looks cool and comfortable.  As you can see by the picture, this knife is a folding pocket knife.  The blade is Titanium coated which is 3 times harder than steel.  So this blade should hold it’s edge for a longer period of time.  While the handle is plastic, the knife is designed with a full metal frame which means it should take some abuse and still work. Open the blade and this is where the magic happens.  The knife is designed with a spring assist opening which makes this blade fly open.  To open it, you can use the thumb studs which makes it very easy to get started and then let the spring do the rest of the work.  Once the blade is open, the blade is securely locked with a liner lock.  Another feature is a user can decide which side to have the belt clip on as it has a reversible belt clip.

Overall I am kind of undecided on the Wiss knife.  While I love the design of the knife, I can’t say I am excited about the plastic handle.  For those who love plastic handles, this would be a great option for a quality pocket knife.  I tend to like metal handles.  Not sure why, as a metal handle is heavier, but I guess I just really like the feel of a metal handle.  The spring assist works awesome and I like how easy it is to open this knife.  As for the blade, I have done some cutting, but can’t say I have really used this day in and day out as my every day carry knife.  For a price of $18, it’s not a bad knife if you can deal with a plastic handle.  Learn more about this knife at The Home Depot.


  1. Thanks for the review Eric. I love knives too for some reason. I have a ton of them that I buy and just put in a drawer some place. Strange. I saw this one at Home Depot that last time I was there. Not bad looking but it would have to be on sale before I would get one.

  2. Interesting, i too, have a knife fetish, I think I could just open and close and mess around with knives all day long, in fact i’m absent mindedly toying around with my Buck 110 as we speak LOL!!!! #tiacrew


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