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Milwaukee Tech Bag

If you have been following us for a while, you know we have always loved the Veto Pro Tech Bag.  While the Veto is great and offers a ton of storage, it tends to be extremely heavy.  Now put your tools in there and you will feel like you are walking around with a 50 lb bag of salt.  Well if you like the Veto series, you will love the new Milwaukee Tech Bag.  This has the same concept as the Veto such as protection and organization, but with a ton less weight.  In fact this only weighs 6.9 lbs. That’s a huge victory in my book.  Just in case you were wondering, I don’t really have a book, but if I did, it would be in chapter one.

When Milwaukee designed this bag, they used every square inch of it for storage.  There a total of 53 pockets to make any organizational freak a happy camper.  The bag itself is 17″ in length and height.  In regards to depth, it’s 11″.  For me, I wish it was a little bigger for the depth to to be able to easily access and see what’s inside the bag.  I am not saying it’s difficult to access or see, I am just saying it would be nice.  The Milwaukee Tech Bag has an impact resistant molded base which means it can stand up to falls and more.  What’s most important, is it will not get your tools wet if you lay the bag down on a wet ground.  The plastic will protect all your valuables without question.  Just in case it may be raining, there is an integrated rain fly to cover this up for added protection to the 1680D ballistic Material, man that just sounds tough.

Milwaukee Tech BagOn the outside, on  each side there are two large pockets for items you access often.  On the front there is a zipper pocket for smaller items and two more pockets to slide items into.  There is even a small metal loop to store electrical tape or whatever you desire.  Around on the back side, you will notice a small zipper towards the bottom of the bag.  Here is the hidden gem, it’s a rain protector, how cool is that?  Milwaukee pretty much thought of everything with this bag, well except for a bottle opener.  But should we really be drinking on the job anyways.? Hold on let me put my beer down and finish this sentence.

The bag has three main compartments, one on the front, one on the back and then the top.  On the back of the bag, you can store your computer.  I do have to mention that Milwaukee did a great job in forward thinking and added a bunch of padding to protect your computer.  The zippers are nice and big, which makes opening it easy, another plus in my book, but that would be in chapter two.  On the front of the Milwaukee Tech Bag, is a nice fold down panel.  In here you can access a ton of pockets and more where you can easily organize all your tools.  One thing that would have been cool since this can be folded down in place, would be some sort of temporary storage.  So if you are working on something, you can place your nuts, bolts or other fasteners in there so you don’t lose them.

Milwaukee Tech BagOpening up the top is where you can harness even more of your obsessive compulsive organizational traits.  You can not only store bigger items like a drill or impact, but there is plenty of places for more hand tools.  They even have a tough pocket.  They don’t call it that, but the inside of the pocket is lined with a hard plastic to store sharper objects that would normally tear a good bag apart.  Once you get the Milwaukee Tech Bag filled with all your goodies, you can use the shoulder or hand strap to carry it around.  While the shoulder strap is padded, I would like to see it a bit more padded for people like me who have nothing but bone as a shoulder.

All in all, this is a huge win in the tech tool bag world.  No more carrying around heavy bags where the bag weighs more than the tools.  There is plenty of storage to make any organizational psycho happy, like myself.  There is nothing more frustrating than looking for a tool and spending ten minutes trying to find it.  Now each tool has a place it can call home.  The Milwaukee Tech Bag is something you should take a look at if you want to be more organized, protect your tools and just look cool.  Now if Milwaukee could only design a wallet or some sort of cell phone wallet so I can stay organized.


  1. I’ve been looking at the Milwaukee backpack. Now this bag comes out it looks awesome. I’m looking at a place to put some go to tools in like screw drivers, nut drivers, maybe some electrical equipment meters n such. I think this is a good bag for those sorts of tools. Thanks for the write up on this bag. I will definitely keep this bag in my radar.

  2. already know it is going to be tough..i was just interested in it’s design, and pocket placement..i use their impact and hammer drill, so this is very enticing to me..worried about the coming intro price though..i definitely like it though.

  3. i use the klein backpack, and it the best bag i have ever deceptively holds everything, and super well made…now this bag looks like a great companion bag to lighten my backpack load..cannot wait..just worried about price.

    • I think i’ve used the Veto bags too long to be swayed by any other, they are the Festool of bags. I am invested in Milwaukee cordless, but man, I just can’t free my iron grip from my Vetos LOL!!

  4. available online at the orange big box at a intro price of 99 bucks..i am definitely buying..just wanted to let you guys know the price.


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