DeWalt Jobsite Bluetooth Speaker Review

Dewalt Jobsite Bluetooth Speaker Review

The market has been flooded this year with options for job site speakers. Virtually every manufacturer has an option that allows you to take your music to the job site. With advanced technology like Bluetooth Connectivity and multiple cordless platforms, it can be daunting to weed through the options to find the one that is right for you. Today, we are going to look at the newest speaker offered from DeWalt. Let’s investigate all the reasons you may just have found your new speaker, in the DeWalt Jobsite Bluetooth Speaker Review.

DeWalt Jobsite Bluetooth Speaker Review Overview

There have been studies done on how music favorably affects productivity in office environments and learning in schools. There are even ways music can be used as therapy to treat some conditions. Now, for me, music helps me focus and keeps things a bit more interesting no matter what I am doing. So, while I can’t say definitively that a job site is more productive because of music, I can certainly say I think it’s more fun!

DeWalt launches their Worksite Bluetooth Speaker with a host of features and durability we have come to expect from DeWalt. We have looked at so many Jobsite Speakers over the years and to be honest, a lot of them are good options. More than anything, it comes down to what is most important to you. With so many options out there, what makes the DeWalt stand out?

DeWalt Jobsite Bluetooth Speaker Review Features

DeWalt Jobsite Bluetooth Speaker Review

The DeWalt Jobsite Bluetooth Speaker features Bluetooth connectivity with a 100-foot range. This speaker weighs in at 4 pounds without the battery and measures six inches high and ten inches wide.

DeWalt Jobsite Bluetooth Speaker Review

This speaker can be powered by DeWalt’s 12V and 20V batteries as well as the option to use the included power cord. The 20V battery is attached in the back of the unit and is also where the connection for the included 120V-AC power cord.

DeWalt Jobsite Bluetooth Speaker Review

DeWalt included easy to navigate control panel that has the power button, track change controls, volume, and Bluetooth connection.

DeWalt Jobsite Bluetooth Speaker Review

In addition to the Bluetooth connection, DeWalt included both an Auxiliary and USB port for versatility.

DeWalt Jobsite Bluetooth Speaker Review

The robust handle is designed for job site durability and portability.

DeWalt Jobsite Bluetooth Speaker Review

DeWalt included a cell phone cradle in both the handle as well as a tray just under the handle for multiple cell phone storage options.

DeWalt Jobsite Bluetooth Speaker Review

Wall mounting slots are located for easy anchoring on the bottom of the speaker.

DeWalt Jobsite Bluetooth Speaker Review Performance

This speaker can jam. I have several portable speakers, from brands like Bose to no-named speakers so I feel that I am a fairly good judge of sound quality. Is this the absolute best? No, it isn’t but guys its dang good. The only knock I would give its sound quality is that the bass isn’t altogether that strong. The Bluetooth connection and controls are intuitive and easy to use. I have never had such a simple time pairing my phone to anything as I did with this speaker. With sound quality that exceeds most vehicle sound systems and easy to use features, what’s not to like?

What stands out about the DeWalt speaker is also the ruggedness that is inherent in the speaker. You can tell that this speaker wasn’t designed to look pretty set up in a garage but meant to hold up to real worksite conditions. I appreciate the dual power option as well, providing much-needed versatility where professionals need it most. Not every job site will be the same, as such planning for multiple power conditions gives the assurance this unit will function no matter what your power availability is. While this speaker is directed towards the professional user,  homeowners will love the versatile features and quality as well. To me, this speaker really hits the nail on the head.

DeWalt Jobsite Bluetooth Speaker Review Value

What could be more impressive than this speaker? Well, it’s price. Model # DCR010 comes in at $99.00 bare tool and can be found at The Home Depot. Like anything, value always comes down to perspective. Not everyone is willing to spend several hundred dollars to provide music to a job site. This speaker provides great sound and quality that isn’t a budget buster. If you’re on the DeWalt Battery platform, this job site speaker is a no-brainer.

DeWalt Jobsite Bluetooth Speaker Review Final Thoughts

Several new launches have come from DeWalt recently, and like the DeWalt Cordless Jigsaw, this tool is an amazing addition to their lineup. DeWalt combines great sound quality with easy to use controls. The dual power options are a welcome addition for versatility and the rugged construction provides the durability you need from a job site speaker. As I said before, there are a lot of job site speakers on the market, but this is one that stands out to me. This model combines all the quality and performance you would expect from DeWalt and won’t break the bank.



  1. “The only knock I would give its sound quality is that the bass isn’t altogether that strong.”

    Could you please elaborate? Most music apps on phones (at least the good ones) come with equalizers that can round out the sound and up the bass with just about any speaker; would that help here? How bad IS the bass here? While I don’t need huge pumping bass for techno or hip-hop, I DO prefer solid bass to fill out the sound properly.



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