Dewalt Cordless Jigsaw Review

Dewalt Cordless Jigsaw Review

Dewalt is iconic, holding ranks with only a few true childhood memories that are forever ingrained in my brain. While Craftsman might come to mind for their red tool chests and hand tools, Dewalt is what I think of when I consider the first real power tools I ever laid my hands on. Now, they were my Dad’s tools but eventually, I grew up to own my own. Dewalt is a well-loved tool brand for a lot of reasons. It’s rare that the big yellow and black ever make a misstep with their tools and the quality and performance always stand out. When Dewalt announced in late August that they would be launching new cordless tools geared towards woodworkers, I was pretty eager to get my hands on them. Today we are going to talk about one of the new additions, the Cordless Jigsaw. Let’s get started on the Dewalt Cordless Jigsaw Review and see how it stands up to the Dewalt legacy.

Dewalt Cordless Jigsaw Review Overview

Jigsaws have an interesting history. One thing you may not realize is how they came about. In 1946, an engineer by the name of Albert Kaufmann with the company Scintilla, stumbled upon the idea after he replaced a needle with a blade on a sewing machine. This company was later sold to Bosch tools, but the birth of what we know to be a jigsaw started here.

While I primarily use Jigsaws for cutting wood, they also have a lot of uses in metal and PVC but their versatility doesn’t stop there. There are blades designed for virtually every material, such as granite, tile and even cement siding and drywall. Jigsaws are surprisingly versatile and suit virtually every tradesman from electricians to plumbers and woodworkers. Dewalt will also be launching a barrel grip jigsaw soon, which will make lovers of the alternate style pretty pleased.

Often times my experience with jigsaws has left me underwhelmed. A lack of power in cordless models or an overall lack of stability in others hasn’t made me a huge believer in jigsaws in general. Dewalt’s previous cordless jigsaw was well regarded, but this model has a few decided upgrades. I would 100% say that this model from Dewalt will make a believer out of even the most skeptic tool-users on jigsaws.

Dewalt Cordless Jigsaw Review Features

Dewalt Cordless Jigsaw Review

The DeWalt Cordless Jigsaw is powered using a Brushless Motor for maximum performance and longevity on their 20V platform. Weighing in at 5.2 pounds, this Jigsaw is solid, but not cumbersome.

Dewalt Cordless Jigsaw Review

Dewalt included a favorite of tool enthusiasts now, LED lights. This helps to light the work surface for the best visibility during use. There is also a dust blower that helps clear the cutting area of debris and is very effective. You do have the option to purchase a connection to easily connect to a dust collector.

Dewalt Cordless Jigsaw Review

The D-shaped handle is well designed with rubber overmold and stellar ergonomics. The layout of the controls are well designed and intuitive. The lock button provides additional protection.

Dewalt Cordless Jigsaw Review

The Dewalt Cordless Jigsaw uses T shank jig saw blades and features a one-inch stroke length.

Dewalt Cordless Jigsaw Review

The keyless blade change is simple. The release latch opens and releases the existing blade, while the new one is inserted. Closing the latch secures the new blade.

Dewalt Cordless Jigsaw Review

Dewalt included several speed controls on this model which peaks at 3200 spm’s. Higher speeds are ideal for softer materials such as wood. Combining this with a variable speed trigger allows the user optimum control over the jigsaw.

Dewalt Cordless Jigsaw Review

This jigsaw includes four cutting modes, three that are orbital and one straight. Orbital modes provide a faster cut, but a slightly less smooth finish by the combined forward and up-down motion of the blade. The straight cut is ideal for metal or hardwoods.

Dewalt Cordless Jigsaw Review

Dewalt included a no-mar plastic shoe that is removable for cleaning and accessory insertion.

Dewalt Cordless Jigsaw Review

The shoe allows for beveling action from 0 to 45-degrees with markings at 15, 30 and 45 degrees. Simply unlock the shoe using the lock lever and slide the shoe to the desired angle and relock.

Dewalt Cordless Jigsaw Review

Including an anti-splinter guard allows for users cutting delicate materials such as veneer, laminate or finished surfaces to do so with less tear out. This addition is inserted under the plastic shoe during use, and should not be used with a flush-cut blade.

Dewalt Cordless Jigsaw Review

The finger guard provides additional protection for the user from accidental contact with the blade.

Dewalt Cordless Jigsaw Review Performance

The Dewalt Cordless Jigsaw is an incredibly intuitive tool. It has controls that are easy to navigate and quite simply make sense. The feel of the saw overall is incredible. The cut quality is stellar when combined with the Lenox blades that were sent with the saw. The multiple settings on the jigsaw also provided optimum cutting control. This is something important for a user cutting multiple materials. The bevel on the saw was also simple to adjust and was fairly accurate straight out of the box. I appreciated its ease of use and the security the shoe had while locked in place.

One of the most notable features that will likely excite you if you’ve ever used an older jigsaw is the minimal vibrations. Vibrations are a lot of the cause of poor cut quality and discomfort during use. This model not only managed to reduce them, but they were virtually eliminated. Another key feature on this model to those who have used older jigsaws is the easy and quick blade change. When I showed this saw to my Dad, that was a standout feature to him.

I loved the weight of the saw. When I first removed it from the box, I wondered if the weight would be an issue, but as I noted in the Ridgid MegaMax Review, at times the additional weight in a tool can be a good thing. In this case, the jigsaw has a slightly heavier front end, meaning that even with a battery attached there was no seesaw effect in the tool.

The reality of jigsaws is that by design ergonomics are incredibly important. This is relevant because once you start a tools motor is when you really see how well the tool is designed. If the saw itself doesn’t possess good balance, you’ll find yourself struggling to reel in the jerky movements rather than focusing on cut quality and accuracy. This is where Dewalt’s model really shines, the front heavy design means you have incredible control when actually cutting materials.

Dewalt Cordless Jigsaw Review Value

Dewalt Cordless Jigsaw Review

The Dewalt Cordless Jigsaw comes in at $179.00 bare tool Model DCS334B with a 5.0 Ah battery and charger, it clocks in at $329.00 Model # DCS334M1. While batteries and chargers always add a chunk of change to the cost of a tool, once you’ve invested in a battery line, things become more cost-efficient. This tool though, clocks in right around average for other cordless models, so I think the price is about right.

Dewalt Cordless Jigsaw Review Final Thoughts

I wish I could tell you I could find something negative to say with Dewalt’s Cordless Jigsaw. This doesn’t happen often as tools always have something, even if its small that I would like to see improved. If it weren’t for this, there wouldn’t be Gen 2 or Gen 3 tools on the market, so it’s a good thing to find some kernel of negativity. This tool has features both the homeowner and professional will appreciate such as LED lights, and tool-free blade changes. The bevel adjustment is simple and the controls are intuitive and comfortable, something we can all appreciate. Bravo to Dewalt for this model, and much like the Bosch Cordless Palm Router, it has been one of my favorite tools to review this year.

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dewalt-cordless-jigsaw-reviewDewalt scores a hole in one with their new Cordless Jigsaw. With antivibration technology and stellar ergonomics, Dewalt manages to make this tool incredibly comfortable to use. The good doesn't stop there, with a brushless motor and multiple settings, this jigsaw performs better than any I have used. If the new barrel grip is anything like this D-handle style, Dewalt may just top the competitive jigsaw market with very few a close second.


  1. Tools always smell good when fresh out of the box like this.

    I like the Makita jigsaw more, but a yellow tool is always easy to find when you need it!


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