Bosch Brushless Impact Wrench – IWBH182-01L


Bosch has been bringing their A game to the table with their new line up of Brushless tools.  This time they introduced the IWBH182-01L which is a 1/2″ Pin Detent Impact Wrench.  Is it the strongest on the market?  No.  Is it the only one with 3 speed?  No.  But this is the only one on the market that has the whole package.  While this tool does give up torque, it doesn’t lack on speed.  So if 1,650 in-lbs of torque is going to get you through the day, then this is the tool to have. The extra speed means you will get more done.  For most applications, 1,650 in-lbs of torque is more than sufficient.  For a compact impact, I would rather have the speed in a tool to jam through various tasks.

What I mean by the Whole Package is the overall feel.  I love the handle and balance of the tool.  Working with this tool means your arm won’t get fatigued.  The tool weighs 3.6 lbs, while it isn’t the lightest tool on the market, the grip and balance make up for the weight.  The best thing about this wrench is the control.  This sucker is dead on.  There isn’t a lag or delay when pulling the trigger.  You can easily adjust the speed with the variable trigger.  We have tried other impacts and not one has compared to the precision of this wrench.  Couple the balance, feel, speed and the 3 LED lights on the front and you have yourself an awesome tool. Oh yeah did I mention besides the dead on accuracy of the trigger, this has a push button to change the speed between three different settings.

Guys I am telling you before you buy an impact wrench, pick up the Bosch IWBH182 and try it for yourself.  Again, it doesn’t have the most in class torque, but sometimes you don’t need the biggest impact on the block.  Sometimes you just need one that gets the job done, is comfortable and has a heck of a lot of bells and whistles.

buyamazon1Bosch IWBH182-01L 18-volt Brushless 1/2-Inch Impact Wrench


Battery Lithium-Ion Battery
Battery Chemistry Lithium Ion
Battery Voltage 18
Drive 1/2″ Square Drive
Height 9″
Impact Rate 0 – 3,200
Length 5.75″
No Load BPM 0-3,200 / 0-2,600 / 0-1,100
No Load RPM 0-2,800 / 0-2,000 / 0-1,300
Torque (in. lbs.) 0-1,650 / 0-900 / 0-400
Weight 3.6 lb




  1. Seems like those lugs are just at the cusp of it’s ability.

    The Milwaukee 2654/2655 bests this in most metrics, no? 210 ft-lbs, 3.1 lbs w/ the compact battery, w/ the same three modes (which are the best thing about these tools, btw).

    Milwaukee’s LED placement isn’t the best, and I have no say about the balance of the tool, but I’m surprised how Milwaukee was first to the market w/ brushless and no one else can seem to touch their products still.

    C’mon Bosch, you can do better. I love their consumables (auger bits, spade bits, etc), and would love to own their sliding compound glide saw, but work on that brushless technology!

  2. Umm, NO. Makita was the very first brushless 3 speed impact, it’s was the BTD144 which came out in 2006. Then Milwaukee. And honestly I believe Hilti and someone else had brushless technology before Makita even. But first brushless impact was impact so people get information straight.

  3. My whole point is, that Makita should get the credit for being the first to release a brushless impact in then U.S. as all the other companies seem to be catering to Europe first with all the good stuff. Yes Metabo was probably the first to have brushless in many tools that were sold over in Europe. But Makita was first o do it here. I’m sick of seeing Milwaukee get credit for being the first to do here, they weren’t. Milwaukee is a Chinese company and I avoid there stuff at all cost, they do make wonderful tools, but when you buy them, the money supports a Chinese company (TTI). Milwaukee is a sell out if you ask me, as are many other American companies.


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