Ever Wonder How an Impact Driver Works?

How an Impact Driver Works

I love YouTube, I don’t have cable TV.  I just watch YouTube all day.  I came across a fellow named Nick Moore who took the time to demonstrate how an impact driver works.  I thought he did a very good job explaining how it works.  Below that our buddy John from WorkShop Addict gives you a rundown on drills vs impacts.


  1. Kind off topic, but who do you think makes the best , readily available 1/4″ hex impact bits . I’ve tried quite a few with variable results . My gun isn’t too aggressive ( 14.4 Hilti ) .


  2. i try a similar drill>wrench adapter (3/8inch to hex) i was able to unscrew my car s bolt for awhile (in 3rd speed high speed on my ryobi 18v 3 speed hammer drill europe version) but one day the adapter bug and i bought a ryobi p260 impact wrench.and i have no problem with impact wrench at all.

  3. Not trying to be a jerk vut impact drivers and impact wrenches, the latter of which is shown in the video, operate with completely different mechanisms and principles. Impact drivers beat a screw in a rotational and downward direction as well.


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