Cutting a 2×4 by Throwing a Circular Saw Blade


This is so crazy I don’t know if this is CGI or rigged but this guy can throw a saw blade and cut a 2×4.  It is next to impossible to produce the torque needed to cut through the entire 2×4.




  1. Nope. Gotta be video editing, you can see when they slow it down when the blade “hits” the wood, something was edited out

  2. I have seen some of the videos, pretty cool. Thanks for posting that link about them. I first thought it was a couple of guys just having fun making some cool videos with editing tricks. Now it’s nice to know it just one big marketing tactic.

  3. I can’t see any way of cutting a 2X4 by throwing a blade. Just think about the rotation of the blade when thrown. It would be like having the blade backwards on a saw.

  4. If it was real this would be insane. But I think this is fake. I feel like you can barley trust anything on the internet today.


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