Franklin Sensor Stud Finder Spotted at Costco


I used to buy a ton of tools from Costco, the tools used to be awesome.  These days it is just full of cheap Chinese junk that is branded with big names and the prices are not that good.  Well recently I checked out the tool aisle and found that they have a version of the Franklin Pro Sensor 710 that we love so much.




 This is probably the best simple stud finder that we have ever used.  The Costco unit is blue and is called the Precision Sensors Profinder 5000.  It is $34.99 which makes it a bargain.  If you are looking for a reliable stud finder this is the one to get.  If you don’t have a Costco membership you can get a Pro Sensor 710 from Amazon for $10 more.


  1. Haha you guys are too funny….I just bought one of these at Costco a couple weeks ago & used it to install new towel bars in the hall bathroom. It worked great! Good eye Dan! 🙂

  2. Saw that also while at Costco last week but wasn’t sure if it was the Franklin or a knock off imported copy made to look like a Franklin

  3. I got mine a few years ago when it was first reviewed by Dan & Eric, still love this thing. I’m also not sure if I would recommend the Costco version, because it could be dummied down to be less expensive than the original. Dan has mentioned this in the past about re-branding or making cutting something out. This is nothing new but Don is right to be cautious. Laters TIA

  4. Just picked this one up. Has same patent number as the 710 and seems to work just as well. Asked Franklin Sensors if these are the same. No info as of yet.

  5. Yes I’ve seen this at Costco as well. By the time I finally made up my mind to buy it they did not offer it anymore. Chokes on me!!!


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