Bosch DH507 SDS MAX Demolition Hammer

Bosch Demolition Hammer

Demo hammers are the coolest tools, they are all about destroying things. Usually you want the biggest most powerful demo hammer possible.  But sometimes you have to demo in tight areas or on a wall when removing tile.  Enter the 12lb Bosch DH 507, an ergonomic demo hammer for getting into tight areas.  It produces 5.6lbs of impact energy with a 10 amp motor.  It has a 360 degree side handle and also a big grip area on the hammer tube so you can easily hold it no matter what position.

This tool also has a vario-lock feature which allows you to rotate the chisel to 12 different positions.  The speed is variable via the trigger and also a dial so you can get the right power for the job.  This tool is designed to put a lot of power in tight areas.  For bigger jobs you might want to look into a heavier SDS.  Bosch covers the DH507 with a 1 year warranty.  Check it out via Amazon


  1. Dan I agree that these are some cool tools & I wish that I could have one. Just in an event I want to knock down my neighbors home & blame it on a groundhog or something. That will teach him not to return my garden stuff. Laters TIA


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