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Milwaukee One Key Impact Wrench Review

Milwaukee One Key Impact Wrench Review

I still find it amazing that in today's world we have the ability to lose the air hose and only use batteries.  Sure cordless...
Bosch Cordless Rotary Hammer Review

Bosch Cordless Rotary Hammer Review

When it comes to concrete Bosch is one of the frontrunners in this area.  When you talk with anyone doing demolition work, they can...
Makita Cordless Grinder Review

Makita Cordless Grinder Review

Grinders are a very useful tool.  They allow you to quickly cut metal and grind concrete, plus a ton of other applications. You can buy...
Makita 7" Angle Grinder Review

Makita 7″ Angle Grinder Review

Grinders are the cornerstone for many jobs, like ripping down concrete.  While many manufacturers offer various types of grinders, there is a limited amount...
Hilti TE 6-A36

Hilti TE 6-A36 4th Generation 36V Rotary Hammer

When it comes to concrete, Hilti is one of the top dogs.  While Hilti offers a wide range of tools and products, their bread...
Milwaukee SDS Rotary Hammer

Milwaukee SDS Rotary Hammer – M18 – 1 9/16 in. SDS-Max

Before we jump into the Milwaukee SDS Max Rotary Hammer, I have to make a confession.  When it comes to concrete, I think Bosch...
Skilsaw Medusaw Review

Skilsaw Medusaw Review

Skilsaw is a manufacturer that has been around and has a long history.  In fact, one of their flagship products, the circular saw worm...
OSHA Silica Dust Regulation

OSHA Silica Dust Regulation – Bosch Pro+ Guard System

I am not a regulation type of guy because it usually means more control for others and less control for me.  Plus it always...
Bosch Bulldog Rotary Hammer Review

Bosch Bulldog Rotary Hammer Review

We live in a concrete jungle.  Everywhere you look, you can find concrete.  This material is in our roads, buildings, bridges and more.  It's...
Makita Diamond Cup Wheel Review

Makita Diamond Cup Wheel Review

Concrete is an amazing material that is easy to work with and can provide a rock solid foundation when cured.  However, when concrete cures,...

Milwaukee Mud Mixer Review

When it comes to new power tools, not too many manufacturers can compete with Milwaukee Tool.  Week after week, month after month and year...
Hilti TE 50 AVR

Hilti TE 50-AVR Combihammer

The mother of all tools, the Hilti TE 50-AVR.  Now when I say that, it's not their biggest, badest combihammer on the market.  The TE...
Hilti TE-DRS-6-A

Hilti TE DRS-6-A Dust Removal System

As you know controlling dust on a job site is a job all by itself.  With new laws and regulations coming into play, it's now...
Hilti TE 3-C

Hilti TE 3-C Rotary Hammer

As you know I am a huge Hilti fan and when it comes to concrete, they are one of the top companies in the...
Bosch DXS2124

Bosch Speed Clean Bit

Concrete is one of the most used materials in the world.  Take a look around, it's in your house, your roads, and your buildings....
Bosch Bulldog

Bosch Bulldog XtremeMax GBH2-28L

The Bosch Bulldog Xtreme Max.  If you are familiar with the Bosch bulldog, you probably don't need an introduction, this is just something you...

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