Diablo Rebar Concrete Bits

Diablo Rebar Concrete Bits

We walk on it, we drive on and work in it, it’s concrete.  Concrete is one of the most used materials in the world.  Concrete is inexpensive, easy to work with and is strong under compression.  While strong under certain applications, it’s weak when it comes to tensile strength.  For this reason, Rebar is added to increase the tensile strength.  However this causes a problem when trying to work with this material.  We have drill bits that are designed for concrete and we have drill bits designed for metal.  But making a drill bit that can drill through concrete and then take the abuse of cutting through steel isn’t an easy task.

While some manufacturers have a solution to this problem, Diablo has taken it one step further with their Diablo Rebar Concrete Bits, the Rebar Demon. The Rebar Demon is a full carbide head hammer drill bit that will take the abuse of drilling through concrete and cutting through the rebar. Here is why it’s different.

Some manufacturers just take carbide tips and weld them to the end of a drill bit. That’s fine if you are just going through concrete.  However, when you hit rebar, the heads of these drill bits heat up and cause the weld to break.

Diablo uses a full carbide head that is attached to the drill bit using tri-metal fusion welding.  So you have a full head of carbide with a superior attachment method which means it can take a lot more heat than a traditional carbide-tipped bit and last much longer.

The Diablo has two times more carbide which is superior to other bits.  The four head design extracts smaller bits of rebar for a more controlled operation and reduces premature wearing. The weld is up to three times stronger than standard bits.  So what does all this mean?

It means the Diablo bits can take up to 1800° F of heat while a standard bit will fail at 800° F.  So in short, a user gets a more durable bit that cuts faster and can work longer.

Diablo Rebar Concrete Bits – Information

Diablo Rebar Concrete Bits – Features

Diablo Rebar Concrete Bits

The Diablo Rebar bit comes in a variety of sizes depending upon your application.

Diablo Rebar Concrete Bits

The Diablo Rebar Demon has a four-head design.  The head uses a full carbide head and not a couple of carbide tips welded on the tip.

Diablo Rebar Concrete Bits

The Rebar Demon comes in both SDS Plus and SDS Max.

Diablo Rebar Concrete Bits

On the right is a standard two head designed with a weld.  On the right, you can see the full head of the Diablo Rebar Demon.  As you can see, it has a more robust head that has more carbide and a four cutter head.

Diablo Rebar Concrete Bits – Performance

We set up a couple of different testing slabs to try out the Diablo bits.  While it’s hard to show the results in pictures, you can see some of the holes we drilled.  Some of the set ups had a single rebar through concrete and others had two pieces of rebar.  Each time the bit ran through the rebar.  The vibrations were low and never had the Rotary hammer bind up on us.  The bit just drilled through the concrete and ran through the steel rebar.

Diablo Rebar Concrete Bits – Wrap Up

The bottom line, if you are looking for a solution to drill through concrete and cut through rebar without having to rip through bits, the Diablo Rebar Demon is the way to go.  The bit is fast, stays cooler and will last longer which means in the end, you save time which means you save money.


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