Greenworks Top Handle Chainsaw

Greenworks Top Handle Chainsaw

As a professional, you need a chainsaw that offers reliability, power and run time.  While there are a lot of gas powered chainsaws on the market, have you ever thought about a battery-powered chainsaw for smaller jobs?  If not, you might want to consider it as battery technology has come a long way, the brushless motor offers more efficiency, longer run times, and longer tool life.  With that said, let’s jump into the Greenworks Top Handle Chainsaw.

Greenworks Top Handle Chainsaw Features

Greenworks Top Handle Chainsaw

The Greenworks top handle saw, model 48TH12, is designed around a brushless motor.  Which means longer run times, a more efficient motor, and a better experience for the end-user.

The saw is powered by a 48V 4Ah battery.  The battery sits on the back of the saw which helps provide a better-balanced saw.

The saw features a 12″ bar but a user can also change it out with a 10″ or 14″ bar, which is sold separately.  The saw offers a 64 ft./s chain speed.

Greenworks Top Handle Chainsaw

On the side on the saw, the two nuts will allow the user to take the cover off for any maintenance needed such as changing the chain or cleaning.  Between the two nuts is a screw that will allow the user to adjust the tension for the chain.

Greenworks Top Handle Chainsaw

On top of the handle, there is a power button to turn on/off the saw.  One nice feature is you can just hit the button to turn it on.  You don’t have to hold it down for 5 seconds.

Greenworks Top Handle Chainsaw

As you grip the handle, you will automatically hold down the safety switch and then you can use your finger to control the speed of the saw.

Greenworks Top Handle Chainsaw

On the side is where you fill the oil.  There is also a clear view side to see how much oil is in the saw.

Greenworks Top Handle Chainsaw

The side handle allows the user to cut from the top or if you need to angle the saw on the side, it’s easier to make a cut.


We took the saw out to Bode Tree Care who is a local arborist.  He was at a local park where he and his crew were trimming over 120 trees so we figured what better way to test the saw.  Some of the trees he was trimming were Locust, Maple, and other hardwood trees.

Here is what he had to say. Overall he was surprised how well the saw cut and worked.  While he liked the power, he was impressed by the run time.  He loved not having to pull the cord to start the engine all the time.  The ramp-up time was quick and could start cutting right away without any delays.

For him, he thought the ideal customer would be a landscaper who isn’t cutting down trees every day.  A landscaper is hard on their tools so they need something that is more professional like the Greenworks.  However, if they aren’t cutting 8 hours a day, it makes more sense having a battery-powered tool so they aren’t messing around with gas, gummed up carbs, and having to mix oil. Plus as he noted, not having the loud sound of the saw ramping up is also a huge feature when working at residential homes.

So in regards to performance, it works great.  Bode was cutting a ton of hardwood without having issues.


You can pick this saw up on Amazon for about $500 which includes the saw, the battery, and the charger.  All said and done, it’s not a bad price to get a commercial grade saw that will help make you or your crew more efficient on the job site.

Final Thoughts

The bottom line, Greenworks offers a huge line of OPE tools for the homeowner and the professional  Anyone looking for a top handle chainsaw, this is a great saw to consider.  Reasonably priced, plenty of run time and power to get the job done.  What else do you want in a saw?



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