Hilti Cordless Rotary Hammer – The New Nuron

Hilti Cordless Rotary Hammer

Hilti is one of my favorite power tool companies for a number of reasons.  But the biggest two are quality and reliability.  When I worked in heavy construction, they were the one tool I never had problems with no matter how tough I was on them.  Plus, we always get a ton of feedback about different companies but it seems like Hilti never has any complaints.  So if I sound like a salesman when I talk about Hilti, I am not trying to.  It’s just been a good company to me and their core users so it’s hard not to get excited about them.  So let’s take a closer look at the Hilti Cordless Rotary Hammer.

Hilti Cordless Rotary Hammer Overview

Hilti started back in 1941 and they have dominated the construction industry ever since.  They recently launched the Nuron line and made a huge advancement in the power tool world.  So when it comes to cordless power production, there aren’t many companies that can compete.  Sure there are a lot of power tool manufacturers on the market, but no one can give the user what Hilti can give them in regards to power, reliability, solutions, fleet management, technology, and more.

So when it comes to the Hilti Cordless Rotary Hammer, this tool is head and shoulders above the rest.  The redesign of the tool to be utilized with the Nuron system offers more power and makes this great for any job site.

Hilti Cordless Rotary Hammer Features

The Hilti TE 6-22 is an SDS Plus that is designed for a wide range of drilling and chipping applications. The tool weighs 6.3 lbs, and has 1050 rpm with  1.8 ft-lbs of impact energy.

The tool uses a single Nuron 22V battery and can be powered by any of the Nuron batteries in the platform.

Hilti Cordless Rotary Hammer

The Rotary Hammer is designed with a D-handle and has a 2-finger feathering trigger.

Hilti Cordless Rotary Hammer

The chuck is designed to easily attach and remove an SDS Plus bit.

Hilti Cordless Rotary Hammer

On the side of the tool, there are four options controlled by a dial switch.  You can chip, drill, drill and hammer, or set your angle for your bit.  For instance, if you are attaching a scrapping bit, you can change the angle of the bit.

This tool offers two cool features:

  • ATC – Active Torque Control is a safety feature to protect the user.  If the tool senses high spring or torque issues, it will shut down.  Say you are drilling into concrete and hit rebar.  Instead of the tool trying to turn and then hurt your wrist or arm, the tool will sense this and shut down, protecting the user
  • AVR – Active Vibration Reduction helps reduce the vibration users can experience when drilling or chipping.

Hilti Cordless Rotary Hammer Performance

I had to cut some trenches in my basement for new pipes and as part of the project, I had to do some chipping around the drains and other areas.  All I can say is this rotary hammer is great.  Very smooth, for a rotary hammer and easy to use.  This is one of those tools I can sit here and tell you how much I like but you just have to use it for yourself.

Bottom line, no wonder when it comes to concrete, people always think Hilti.

Hilti Cordless Rotary Hammer Value

You can pick this hammer up for about $369.  If you look into their fleet option, pricing will be different.  Again, I love this rotary hammer.  The tool is efficient, powerful, and offers great features to protect the user.  When you are using a tool for the majority of the day, $369 is a drop in the bucket for what you get.

Hilti Cordless Rotary Hammer Wrap Up

Again, sorry if I sound like a Hilti salesman, I am not.  I just love their tools and believe they can offer more than any other company in the marketplace in regards to power, quality, service, and more.  They are not just a power tool company, they are a solution provider.

The Hilti Rotary Hammer is no different.  If you need to handle a concrete task and need a rotary hammer, this is an easy choice.  This Hilti Cordless Rotary Hammer is tough, smooth, and built to last.


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