Hilti Nuron – The Game Has Changed

Hilti Nuron

When it comes to professional power tools, not many come close to Hilti.  Hilti tools are designed and engineered for trade professionals. This is one of the reasons Hilti Nuron is a big advancement and a big deal for the jobsite and the tradesmen.

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I know there are a lot of companies that say they produce professional power tools. But in reality, some of these manufacturers design their tools for the professionals who need good tools but they aren’t using them every day, all day.  So I do feel some power tool manufacturers cut corners knowing their tools will only be used a couple of times a day.

Hilti is known for having some of the toughest tools in the market.  When Hilti designs a tool, they design it with the end-user in mind. The trade professional who will be using that tool every day, all day.  And that philosophy drives them to use the best components to make the best tools – tools that can handle the most demanding tasks.

Who is Hilti?

Hilti is more than a power tool company.  Sure they have their power tool line but they offer so much more.  You can look at Hilti as more of a jobsite solution company with power tools as being just one aspect of the company.

Hilti started in 1941 and they are located in Liechtenstein.  For me, that says a lot.  First, they have the history to back them along with a lot experience of making great products. Second, that area of the world is known for producing high-quality products.  So when it comes to getting the job done the right way, you can’t argue with Hilti’s experience and quality-driven culture.

As I said, Hilti is so much more than a power tool company, in my eyes, they are a solution provider.  Sure they have power tools and accessories, but they also offer project management services, tool fleet management, consumables management, On!Track, prefabrication services, Engineering Solutions, and so much more.

So when I talk about how Hilti stands above the rest of the companies in the power tool world, this is why, the history, the experience, the quality, and the broad range of services and solutions they offer.

What is Hilti Nuron?

So what is Nuron?  Think about it from what we learned back in school and the human body.  The neuron is the cell responsible for receiving sensory input from the outside world.  Yes, they are spelled differently but Hilti Nuron is the neuron for the jobsite.  Hilti Nuron not only takes what it sees on the jobsite and makes it smarter, but it changes the way the jobsite is viewed.

Hilti Nuron is a redesign from the ground up that not only incorporates a new battery system but all new tools, plus data service, and health and safety.

Here is what is so special about the Nuron system and the redesign.  Everything is on one platform.  Yes, you can use the battery for anything from a small flashlight to a large breaker and everything in between.  No more trying to figure out what battery goes with what tool.  The Hilti Nuron system does it all on a single platform.

Sure the single platform is nice but if you can’t deliver power, what is the point?  This is where the Nuron system really shines. Not only do you get a single platform but you get more power than ever before.

You have to remember that transferring power to a tool is a tricky thing.  Think about how much energy gets lost before ever getting to the tool.  There are numerous ways that energy is lost such as heat build-up or just from the tool terminals. And those are only two of the many ways power is lost.  So what Hilti set out to accomplish was to design ways to not lose energy and transfer more energy from the battery to the output of the tool.

The power starts with the redesign of the battery so let’s jump in and I can show you why they can deliver so much more power than the competition and all on a 22V platform.

Here is where the magic happens.  It all starts with these batteries.  These are the batteries that power the whole platform.  You don’t need any other batteries, so it’s simple and easy. Again, these batteries are designed from the ground up.  Here are the new models:

  • B22 – 55 (18650 Cell) – Single Layer – 2.6Ah – 55 Watts
  • B22 – 85 (21700 Cell) – Single Layer – 4Ah – 85 Watts
  • B22 – 110 (18650 Cell) – Dual Layer – 2.6Ah – 110 Watts
  • B22 – 170 (21700 Cell) – Dual Layer – 4Ah – 170 Watts
  • B22 – 255 (21700 Cell) – Three Layers – 255 Watts

Hilti Nuron

Hilti started with using the best cell.  See, not all Lithium cells are created equal.  There are some cells that are designed for performance, some for longevity and some are budget cells.

Hilti designed these batteries with the best cells so not only do you get performance, but you get longevity.  For the Nuron batteries, Hilti uses both the 18650 and the 21700 cells.

Hilti Nuron

So you have the best cells but if you don’t have a good heat management system, you lose energy in the process.  All cells get hot spots and when you get these hot spots, not only do you lose energy but the cells degrade quicker.  With the fiberglass cell holder, the batteries manage this heat better to not only help transfer more energy to the tool but also increase the life of the cells.

Hilti Nuron

If this doesn’t look impressive.  Hilti beefed up the energy transfer by using a 12 gauge braided wire for energy transfer – I haven’t seen anything like this before on a power tool battery.  Basically, you have a bigger highway to allow more flow.

Even the braided wire is designed for heat management as it is more efficient in this application as opposed to a solid copper wire.

Hilti Nuron

Here’s some more magic.  The spring-loaded terminals really complete the transfer of energy from the battery to the tools.

When you have high demand or high vibration applications, the terminals rub together and cause two problems.  First, when you have rubbing going on, you create friction, when you create friction, you create heat and when you create heat, you lose energy.  Second, with high vibration applications, the terminals aren’t always in contact so you’re not getting full energy potential, so it’s another loss of energy.

Hilti designed these batteries with a spring-loaded terminal which cuts down on the friction and allows the terminals to stay in contact under high vibration applications. So you get more energy transfer to the tool and the application.

Again, this is just another example of why Hilti is head and shoulders above the rest.

It is a known fact that energy is lost in the process from the battery to the output of the tool.  Hilti did a great job in minimizing this loss of power and being able to transfer more energy from the cell to the final output of the tool.  In my eyes, they do it better than any other power tool manufacturer in the marketplace.

So in the end, one of the main things Hilti did was allow more energy to be transferred to the tool. They did this by using a better battery cell, better cell holder, bigger wires, spring-loaded terminals, and an overall better energy management system.

As I stated above, Hilti designs their tools to be used every day, all day.  So it’s important that they can not only design a tool to tackle any job but that they can design a tool to tackle the job efficiently and minimize the stress and fatigue of the user.

So not only did Hilti redesign their batteries from the ground up but they have also redesigned 70 tools (and counting) from the ground up. These tools were redesigned to take full advantage of the new battery platform and what it offers, and also to have improved ergonomics and increased overall tool power.

How does Hilti Nuron Change the Game?

Hilti Nuron brings four pillars with this new announcement that will change the jobsite.  Yes, it all begins with the battery but there is so much more.

One Platform

The first pillar is everything can be done on a single platform.  No more having multiple battery voltages or types of batteries.  The whole jobsite can be powered by the Hilti A22 battery. A Hilti A22 can power anything from a flashlight up to their big breakers and everything in between.

How awesome is it to have one battery for the whole jobsite?  This saves time, frustration, money, and clutter. No other manufacturer can say this, Hilti is the only one delivering a single battery platform jobsite solution.


The second pillar is performance.  Hilti can transfer more power from the cells to the final output. Since Hilti can transfer more energy, they can get more work done, even for high-demand tools like their breakers.  They use better cells and better materials in order to be able to create the best power for the jobsite.

Hilti also redesigned 70 tools in the Nuron system.  These 70 tools are more powerful and better balanced, plus more efficient to get the job done.

Data-Driven Services

The third pillar is a smarter jobsite with its data-driven services.  The Nuron system is a smart system.  Just charge your battery and all the important information is automatically uploaded to your cloud account.  No account set up, no Bluetooth, no messing around, no hassle.

You can find out which tools are sitting idle, see which tools are at what location and host more data to make your jobsite smarter. In fact, you can even be proactive and see if a battery might be having capacity issues and make sure you get a new battery in your fleet before it fails and causes downtime. And this is just the start of how the Nuron system is making a smarter jobsite.

Health & Safety

Often overlooked is their fourth pillar: Health and Safety.  With the redesign of their tools, Hilti was also able to incorporate some safety features:

  • Active Vibration Reduction (AVR) reduces the vibration in the tool and cuts down on user fatigue which cuts down on injuries.
  • Active Torque control system.  This is a cool feature that if the tool senses an uncontrollable movement it will shut the tool down preventing injury to the user.  As an example, if your drill hits rebar, instead of the drill binding and jerking your wrist, it will shut down right away.
  • SensTech. SensTech is new to Hilti and is integrated into their grinders.  If the grinder senses any uncontrollable movement, it will shut the grinder down and apply the disk brake keeping the user safer.
  • They offer more dust management systems to help protect the air around you and keep the area cleaner.

These are just a few examples of how Hilti is making the jobsite safer for their users.

What does the future look like with Hilti Nuron?

While the Hilti Nuron has changed future jobsites forever, I think one of the biggest takeaways is how Nuron makes a smarter jobsite with its data-driven solutions.  No other company has found a way to make the jobsite as smart as Hilti has now.

Other manufacturers have tried to make a smarter jobsite but it has always been cumbersome and complicated.  With the Nuron, just charge your batteries, and everything is done for you, it’s that simple. You can see which tools are idle, you can be proactive instead of reactive, so as for me, this is the true beginning of the smart-jobsite.

The Hilti Experience

There is a lot more to the Hilti Nuron announcement and a lot more details that I could have covered in this article.  In fact, this article is just a quick overview of the Nuron system. Check out our in-depth video to get a full understanding of what Hilti Nuron is really about and why this announcement is truly game-changing.

Our Take on Hilti Nuron

Hilti is known for quality.  They have built a reputation for being the best and they have earned that reputation for a lot of reasons.  They have a long rich history of changing how we work on the jobsite.  They are not just about releasing a cool new tool and calling it a day.  They know the jobsite is a unique place, so when I found out Hilti was making an announcement, I knew it was going to be something big, but I never thought it was going to be this big.

When you invest in Hilti, you’re investing in a solution-based company.  While other manufacturers just want to sell you the tools, Hilti wants to be your partner and help make your job easier, better, safer, and more efficient.

I like how Hilti not only brought power and speed to the jobsite, but I like how they brought simplicity. Hilti delivered a truly cordless jobsite which is a feat in itself, but they did it with a single battery platform, something no one else has done.

With the redesign of 70 plus tools, they have created a system that no other competitor can come close to. This is why I feel for performance, quality, and dependability Hilti stands alone at the top.

The Wrap on Hilti and Hilti Nuron

When it comes down to it, the Hilti Nuron introduction is unlike any other announcement we have seen in the power tool world.  This is more than just a new cool tool or some feature improvements. This is a game-changing solution for jobsites, and personally love everything about the Hilti Nuron.  From a redesigned top-of-the-line battery that can outperform and outpace the competition, to the one-battery platform solution for simplicity, to the power and speed to get the job done more efficiently.  And let’s not forget the data-driven services to make a smarter jobsite.  And last but certainly not least, the health and safety advantages of the Nuron creating safer jobsites for the future.

So when all is said and done, the Hilti Nuron is revolutionary and a leap above the rest.  Now there is Hilti and then there is everybody else.


  1. Eric,
    Such a great review! I really enjoyed the video, from start to finish. And I am seriously jealous, because I’ve been with Hilti 23 years now and still haven’t been to Liechtenstein! 🙂
    I’m glad you liked our culture. We all do, too.
    Have a great 2022!

  2. Eric just seen the TIA video about your trip to Switzerland and visiting hilti. I’m a Milwaukee Guy but I got to say Neuron is VERY impressive cant wait to see the tools in person. It was a very informative video, and helps me look at what tools I’d like to get when it becomes available. Keep up the GREAT content. ?


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