Rigid SDS Octane Review

Rigid SDS Octane Review

This was the first cordless rotary hammer that I’ve had the opportunity to play around with. After using the Ridgid, I will not be going back to a corded rotary hammer. The tool is compact, lightweight, and comfortable which does not go unnoticed. Let’s take a look into the Rigid SDS Octane Review.

Rigid SDS Octane Review Overview

Home renovations are never-ending and this compact, multi-functional rotary hammer has been put to great use. This is my first time utilizing a cordless rotary hammer and I was blown away with the power that this hammer packs. With its lightweight, this three-mode selector rotary hammer can tackle anything you throw at it in comfort. I could see myself using this for light concrete work, demolition projects, and more.

Rigid SDS Octane Review Features

With the extreme vibration that comes from the force of this rotary hammer, a comfortable grip is necessary. The Hex Grip is designed to increase both comfort and control when using this tool. The anti-vibration mechanism minimizes the overall tool vibration, creating less fatigue and more productivity.

Rigid SDS Octane Review

With three different modes, this tool is quite versatile. Whether you need the hammer, chisel, or drilling function, these are interchangeable. As you rotate through each function, you will hear it click into place, decreasing the chance that it would slip out when using the tool.Rigid SDS Octane Review

With a tool-free adjustable depth gauge, you are able to get precision each and every time. By simply pushing on the orange lever, you can adjust the depth in a matter of seconds.  Rigid SDS Octane Review

The days of having to engrave your name into your battery packs are over. With the new Bluetooth battery and phone app duo, you have the capability to lock and unlock the battery, locate your battery, and run a full diagnostic on the pack itself.  With the cost of batteries these days, it is awesome that Rigid is allowing the consumer to protect their investment.

Rigid SDS Octane Review Performance

Rigid SDS Octane ReviewWhen it comes to performance, this Bluetooth rotary hammer held out strong. It was able to push right through the stack of concrete blocks.

With the SDS bull point tip, these concrete blocks had no chance. I was surprised at how easy it was going through the blocks at the angle I did.

Rigid SDS Octane Review Value

For the tool only, The Home Depot has it for $219. I think that this is a fair price considering the durability and variability that this tool offers. The battery is a separate charge, but to me seems well worth the investment, considering the technological advances Rigid has created with Bluetooth technology.

The $219 price tag is well within reasonable charge for this tool and here are my thoughts why.

First, the tool is light and compact. When considering what types of projects this would be used for, especially those at home, this device is capable of getting into tight spaces.

Second, the cordless component is essential to increased productivity. Let’s be honest, it’s great not having to drag a cord around or move it from outlet to outlet when working on a project.

Third, when you pair it with Rigid’s new Octane battery lineup, you not only have yourself a powerhouse of a tool, but you can stay up on the functionality of it as well.

As you can tell, I would argue that the price tag is well worth it, considering the tool you are getting and the options you have as well.

Rigid SDS Octane Review Wrap Up

So, would I recommend buying it? I sure would. The Rigid Rotary Hammer offers over 50% faster drilling than seen in previous models. With this increased speed production, the extreme vibration mechanism and hex grip design allowed for a more comfortable tool overall. If you want a tool that can be used all day long, well here you go.


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