Ryobi Portable Concrete Mixer


Are you tired of having to pour dry concrete into a wheelbarrow, add water, hand-mix it, and then move that to where it needs to be poured? I know I was. Concrete is heavy and I was in need of something that would help ease the home projects I have been doing. Let’s check out the Ryobi Portable Concrete Mixer and see how well this took off the physical stress of mixing and pouring concrete.

Ryobi Portable Concrete Mixer Overview 

Aside from the typical Ryobi tools that you may already be aware of or currently using, this concrete mixer held up to all of my expectations. As a fan of Ryobi, I was eager to get my hands on this tool and put it to use. This mixer is 5.0 cu. ft. and utilizes a powerful 1/2 HP drive motor. The tilting and pivoting drum makes for easy maneuvering and durability. By integrating the wheels and steel construction, there was increased stability to the base of this mixer.

Ryobi Portable Concrete Mixer Features 
Ryobi Portable Concrete Mixer

The Ryobi RMX001 weighs in a 110 lbs and has a 5.0 cu. ft. drum capacity. With the all-steel construction, there is increased durability with this mixer.

Ryobi Portable Concrete Mixer

With the 1/2 HP 120V electric motor, this concrete mixer was able to easily handle two 90lb bags of concrete like a champ. The direct-drive gearbox is also easily accessible with a simple switch to turn the mixer on and off.

Ryobi Portable Concrete Mixer

This plate helps to lock the drum in place for stability and also is utilized for the dumping and pivoting mechanism of the mixer.

The durability of the wheelbase has integrated wheels with safety pins that lock them in and help easily move the mixer.

The 5.0 cu. ft. of this mixer held two 90lb bags of concrete with more room to spare. With the two mixing tines, it was a breeze at not needing to hand mix the concrete and be able to get the project done much quicker.

Ryobi Portable Concrete Mixer Performance 

Ryobi created a well-built concrete mixer. The simplicity of it was one of my favorite components, considering it was both easy to assemble and use. It was light enough for me to move myself, but if on an uneven surface, I would add weight (such as sandbags) on the base to help keep it sturdy. Overall, I feel this Ryobi concrete mixer was able to get the job done efficiently and met all my expectations!

Ryobi Portable Concrete Mixer Value 

You can buy this at The Home Depot for $299. In looking at what I got for the price, I feel it was appropriately priced. Not only does this portable mixer save time, the physical demand that hand mixing and moving the concrete takes was also eliminated. Being able to use the 120V electric motor to do the mixing was worth the price alone. As long as you use the right amount of water, the mixing is done efficiently and can save you money in the long run.

Ryobi Portable Concrete Mixer Final Thoughts 

In the end, I highly recommend the Ryobi RMX001 Portable Concrete Mixer. I would say this is meant for more of the homeowner DIY project rather than a large, commercial project, as the drum capacity is only 5.0 cu. ft. For what I needed it for, it was plenty of space. Just a thought to consider.

Overall, I felt it was a high-quality mixer, maintaining both its durability and stability. With the integrated wheels and tilting/pivoting function, it not only transported well, but it was able to rotate easily to where I needed it to be poured. If you want to save time and your body, Ryobi has the solution for you with the portable concrete mixer.


  1. Hi James – Great article! I had a question – do you recall what material the inside of the mixer is? Is it stainless steel? Or able to be cleaned and sanitized?

  2. Hi , Mr. Eric
    I would like to know if you have any Ryobi concrete Mixer in store or in stock
    I have been looking for some here in Atlanta Georgia, and your article came out
    So that’s why I’m asking you
    Thank you my name is Maria Jacquez


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