Ryobi Impact Kit

Ryobi Impact Kit

Over the years, Ryobi has stepped up their game.  What was once a budget, no name tool has now become one of the best selling tools.  One of the reasons is that Ryobi has changed the way they think about tools and accessories.  Today Ryobi focuses on the consumer professional features at homeowner prices and they have been extremely successful with this formula.  Time and time again, I talk with people about their Ryobi tools and I always hear how happy people are with their purchase.  So today, let’s take a look at the Ryobi Impact Kit and see if this fits their formula for success.

Tools are becoming more powerful as technology advances.  With that being said, it only makes sense to produce better and stronger bits, but it’s not always easy to do.  So let’s see what Ryobi has to offer.

Ryobi Impact Kit Information

Ryobi Impact Kit Features

Ryobi Impact Kit

The Ryobi impact kit offers a 70 piece impact-rated kit all for under $20.

The bit comes in a nice plastic case that is easy to open and close.  The last is robust so if you drop the case, it shouldn’t come open.  However, when you want to open the case, it snaps open easily.

Ryobi Impact Kit

Once you open the kit, you can easily see what bits are inside and identify the bit you need.

Ryobi Impact Kit

A cool feature of this case is you can take out a row if you don’t need it or just want the holder because you might not need the whole case for the application.  Such as if your climbing up a ladder and don’t need the whole case.  You can take out a row, throw it in your pocket or tools belt and still have a hand free.

The bits are built to withstand high demand tools such as impact drivers. The 2″ bit features a Torsion zone that absorbs high torque and makes the bit not only withstand more but last longer.

Ryobi Impact Kit Impressions

Ryobi Impact Kit

When it comes to power tool accessories, you have a lot of manufacturers to pick from.  For me, I like the Ryobi bits.  They fit the fasteners snug, they don’t cost a lot and you get a wide variety of bits and accessories in this kit.

For me, the biggest plus of these bits is the fit.  Too many times I have used sub-par accessories only to cause problems with fasteners getting stripped.  With the Ryobi, they fit great and don’t see a problem of them stripping fasteners.

Ryobi Impact Kit Wrap Up

Over all, these are great bits.  They are inexpensive and as noted, they fit snug with fasteners.  I like the case and love the variety of bits in this kit.  Considering it’s only $20, with the case, it’s easy to say this is a great buy for the homeowner and even the professional.

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