Hilti Cordless Cut-Off Saw – The Nuron Way

Hilti Cordless Cut Off Saw

When it comes to concrete, Hilti is the leader in the power tool world.  In fact, the new 22V Nuron platform makes them stand out above everyone else that much more.  If you are not familiar with Nuron and why it is groundbreaking, check out the Hilti Nuron Article.  Today I am going over one of my favorite releases, the Hilti Cordless Cut-Off Saw which is part of the Hilti 22V Nuron platform.

Hilti Cordless Cut-Off Saw Overview

I don’t remember what year this happened but I do remember being at the World of Concrete and attending a Hilti media event.  One of their stated goals was for them to go to a completely cordless job site.  At the time, I thought it was a pretty lofty challenge because they have such high-demand tools for concrete and other applications.  However, I had no doubt they would meet their goal, and now they have with the Nuron 22V platform.

Now Hilti isn’t the first with a cordless cut-off saw.  Milwaukee, Dewalt, and Husqvarna all have theirs on the market.  However, the others are more like child’s play having only a 9″ blade.  The Hilti has a 12″ blade which in my opinion means more work getting done.  So let’s jump in and learn a little bit about this saw and the features it offers.

Hilti Cordless Cut-Off Saw Features

The Hilti Cut-Off Saw is designed for concrete, brick, asphalt, steel, and more.  The saw is 26″ x 11.4″ x 13.8″ and weighs 19.6 lbs.

This saw offers the same workload as a 60cc gas cut-off saw.  Also, the batteries (B 22-170) will offer as much work as one full tank of gas.

The saw is powered by two Hilti Nuron batteries which sit on the back of the tool.

Hilti Cordless Cut Off Saw

The Hilti utilizes a 12″ blade system.

Hilti Cordless Cut Off Saw

The handle is extremely comfortable and is similar to a traditional cut-off saw.

Hilti Cordless Cut Off Saw

On the top of the handle is the safety switch and below the handle is the trigger.

Hilti Cordless Cut Off Saw

On the side is where you can attach a hose line or other dust management systems.  I like how the hose attaches from the back which makes it easy to work with.

Hilti Cordless Cut-Off Saw Performance

When it comes to dust management, this saw is awesome.  I made some trench cuts into a concrete floor.  While Hilti has a dedicated tank for dust management, I just connected this saw to my water hose.  The dust was kept to a minimum and was extremely efficient.

So now on to the performance.  I have used some of the other cordless cut-off saws on the market but nothing compared to the Hilti Cordless Cut-Off Saw.  This saw is easily the best performer in the marketplace hands down.

I used the biggest Hilti Nuron batteries and it only took three charges to make all the cuts, which was surprising to me. I thought it would take at least five to seven battery cycles to make these cuts over a 30′ span.  And I was never waiting around for batteries to charge.  By the time the batteries were drained from the saw, the other batteries were ready to go to work.  Just make sure you have multiple chargers and you will be fine.

Hilti Cordless Cut-Off Saw Value

The saw runs about $1,050 for a bare tool.  They have fleet management so you can get even better deals.  Either way, this saw is worth every penny.  To lose the loud noise of gas, the smell, and the hassles is a no-brainer.  Since this saw can outwork any other battery system, there isn’t any downtime.  This saw is a great price for those in the concrete world who would use it every day.

Hilti Cordless Cut-Off Saw Wrap Up

Bottom line, the Hilti Cordless Cut-Off Saw DSH 600-22 is easily the best cordless cut-off saw on the market in regards to power, run time, and quality.  This is just another example of why Hilti is the leader in the power tool world and why professionals around the world trust this brand.


  1. I’m also using the saw right now. I found I could get about 12-14 ft of 4″slab out if the 255 batteries. The batteries come off the saw quite hot and won’t charge right away increasing the turn around. That was with constant use and cutting with water. Two chargers is a must. Overall I like the tool a lot


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