EGO Misting Fan – The Perfect Solution for those Hot Summer Days

Ego Misting Fan

When it comes to Outdoor Power Equipment (OPE), Ego is king, well at least in my eyes.  The main reason I love EGO so much is that they are extremely reliable and powerful.  I was first introduced to EGO back in 2014 and I am still using the same lawnmower and battery.  So for me, that says a lot.  However, I do have one beef with EGO before we jump into the EGO Misting Fan.

EGO Misting Fan Overview

So what is my issue with EGO?  Simple, I want more.  I use everything from their mower, and string trimmer to their inverter and now this fan.  I am a homeowner and I want to have as many battery-operated cool products that run on a single platform.  I want a backpack sprayer, a radio, and more.  I just want things I can use around my house.  I am to the point where they have earned my trust over the years, so this is the battery platform I want to build on for my house.

EGO Misting Fan Features

Ego Misting Fan

The EGO Misting Fan (FN1800) has twice the air movement as a 20″ box fan.  The fan has up to 5,000 CPM with wind speeds of 20 MPH.

The fan is powered by any of the EGO 56V batteries.  I do wish this was dual power but it offers up to 60 hours of runtime so that is awesome and explains why you really don’t need to plug it in.

A user can adjust the fan up to 225-degree angle adjustments.

Ego Misting Fan

On the top of the fan, there is a solid carrying handle.

The front of the fan is made from an ABS plastic while the back is metal.  Both offer durability for the long run.

If you want to wheel this around, the fan has two large wheels and a telescoping handle.

One of my favorite features is the control panel.  There are five different speed settings that allow you to adjust the speed from 1,500 to 5,000 CFM, plus control the misting features.

Ego Misting Fan

The fan has five heavy-duty plastic blades to provide a cooling area of 540 sq-ft.

Ego Misting Fan

On the front of the fan, there are four metal misting nozzles that are adjustable from the control panel.

The fan provides a way to store the water hose when not in use.  When you are using the misting feature, you can easily remove the plastic hose and insert it in a bucket of water.

EGO Misting Fan Performance

Ego Misting Fan

I really couldn’t ask for more from this fan.  The fan moves a lot of air and isn’t extremely loud like other fans this size.  I like being able to easily move it around.  All I ask for is a fan that moves air, isn’t extremely loud, and built to last, so this fan meets all my expectations.

Ego Misting Fan

The misting feature is awesome.  This is perfect for camping, ball games, and more.  This moves a lot of water in a short amount of time so you can keep cool even under the hottest conditions.

Ego Misting Fan

The control panel is extremely user-friendly. I like the push-button panel, plus I like how there are more than just three settings for fan speed.

EGO Misting Fan Value

The EGO Misting Fan runs about $249 (bare tool) on Amazon.  If you didn’t know any better, you might think that is a lot of money to pay for a fan, and it is.  However, for what you get, it’s a great value.  First, you get quality and reliability.  Second, you get a misting fan, and third, you get a great battery platform.  So in the end, the $249 is worth it. In fact, I am going to buy another one just for my house to move some air around.

EGO Misting Fan Wrap Up

The bottom line is I love this fan.  It’s powerful, reliable, and quiet for how much air it moves.  Either way, if you are in the EGO line or not, this is a great fan to own.  If you are not in the EGO line, I would highly suggest taking a closer look at them, or chances are your neighbor has one, and ask them for their opinion.


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