DeWalt Sub-Compact Circular Saw

Dewalt Sub-Compact Circular Saw

When it comes to circular saws, I use to always grab the 7-1/4″.  It was powerful and just my go-to saw.  Now it’s still my go-to saw if I am cutting large amounts of wood.  However there are so many applications where the 7-1/4″ is overkill.  I am working with a heavier tool when I’m just cutting plywood, flooring, or 2×4.  Well, that is where this DeWalt comes into play. So, let’s check out the DeWalt Sub-Compact Circular Saw.

DeWalt Sub-Compact Circular Saw Overview

Most of the time when we are cutting wood, it’s usually not thick wood.  So why have a heavier saw?  Let’s turn the tables and think outside of the box and take a look at a sub-compact saw such as the DeWalt.  This sub-compact saw is great for cutting 2×4’s, plywood, cutting vents in floors, and more.

Power tool batteries and tools have come a long way.  A couple of years ago you might think a sub-compact wouldn’t work hard enough and you would probably have been right.  With today’s technology, that’s not the case.  These small saws along with better batteries, motors, and technology can really produce a ton of power and can handle bigger and tougher tasks.

DeWalt Sub-Compact Circular Saw Features

Dewalt Sub-Compact Circular Saw

The DeWalt DCS512B circular saw is a sub-compact saw.  The saw is built around a brushless motor.  This provides a maximum depth of cut at 1-3/4″ at 90 degrees and 1-1/4″ at 45 degrees.

The saw is powered by a DeWalt 12V battery.

Dewalt Sub-Compact Circular Saw

The 5-3/8″ blade, while small will still easily cut through plywood or a 2×4.

Dewalt Sub-Compact Circular Saw

As with other circular saws, this utilizes a D-handle design.

Dewalt Sub-Compact Circular Saw

The circular saw has a foldable rafter hook.  So when not in use, it’s out of the way.  If you are cutting and need to hang the saw for easy access later, just unfold the hook and hang it on a rafter or sawhorse.

A user can easily adjust the bevel from 0 to 50 degrees.

Dewalt Sub-Compact Circular Saw

DeWalt designed the saw with a smooth, lightweight shoe.

DeWalt Sub-Compact Circular Saw Performance

I know technology has changed and tools are better but when you pick this saw up, it’s lightweight, so it’s hard to see that it has power.  However, when you use the tool, you can easily see that this small saw has the power to tackle most tasks.

The line of sight is great and the balance is even better, so it’s easy to work with.

DeWalt Sub-Compact Circular Saw Value

You can pick this saw up for about $150 on Amazon.  This is for a bare tool.  Considering the power and ease of use, it’s a fair value for this tool.

DeWalt Sub-Compact Circular Saw Wrap Up

Overall, I love this saw.  I love being able to power through wood without the weight.  I like being able to get into tight spots when I need to but can still easily cut through plywood.  Yes, it’s not going to be my all-day saw, but it’s not meant to be.  If you need a small saw and are part of the DeWalt family of tools, this is a great addition to your lineup.


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