SIMpush – The Ingenious Invention


I am sure you have heard of SharkBite push-to-connect fittings for plumbing applications, as they’ve been around for a while.  But if not, a SharkBite is a creative way to connect two pieces of pipe (PEX, copper, CPVC, PE-RT, or HDPE) without soldering, clamps, unions, or glue. Today, we are looking at the next level of push-to-connect fittings for electricians, the Southwire SIMpush. The SIMpush is a creative way to attach RMC, IMC, GRC, ARC, and rigid stainless-steel conduit (threaded and non-threaded).

SIMpush Overview

SIMpush takes the set screw out of the equation.  The two pipes just slide into the SIMpush and you are all set to go.  This means quicker installation time and a money saver in the long run.

No longer do you need any tools or adhesives to install pipe, which is pretty cool.  You really can not install pipe faster than you can with SIMpush.

SIMpush Features

While SIMpush has a lot of different products, here is an example of a coupling and what it looks like.


Just insert the pipe into the coupling and it will provide up to 300+ ft/lbs of pull force resistance.


Above are the common couplings for a right angle, straight run, and to a box.

Here is an example of the conventional way to connect pipe, and the new way with SIMpush.

Want to make a right angle, no problem, just push the two pipes together and you are set for your right angle.

One cool feature is if you need to take off a coupling, just use the provided tool and you can release the pipe and reuse the coupling.

SIMpush Performance

When it comes to working with SIMpush, it really can’t be easier.  Just push the pipe in the coupler and your set.  No more grabbing for a screwdriver or any other tools.  The name says it all, SIMpush.  Simply push it into place.

Our Thoughts on SIMpush

For me, this is a very innovative way to save time and money, especially when working bigger jobs. Here are some of the features of SIMpush:

  • Housing made of corrosion-resistant copper-free aluminum
  • Quick-release ring which means you can easily take the coupling off
  • The gasket provides IP66 watertight seal
  • Maintains ground
  • Zinc-plated steel grip rings hold 300+ ft/lbs of pull force
  • Covered in a NEMA 4X powder coating making it ready for direct burial and is corrosion resistant

The bottom line, this is a great product.  It offers a time-saving way to connect pipe, which means money savings.  The SIMpush is easy to use and can be used in a variety of different applications and environments. And you’ll never have to thread conduit again.

If you want to buy SIMpushCheck out SIMpush on Amazon

Learn more about the SIMpush at the Southwire Website – SIMpush


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