EGO Panel Light – Let EGO Light Up Your World

Ego Panel Light

EGO is the premier Outdoor Power Equipment (OPE) brand for homeowners.  When they first hit the market, they changed the way consumers thought of cordless OPE products.  No longer were cordless lawnmowers and trimmers a joke, EGO set the standards that other companies are still trying to catch up to.  Today we look outside their OPE world and will be taking a look at the EGO Panel Light.

EGO Panel Light Overview

Yes, it’s finally here and I am excited.  What am I so excited about?  I will get to that in a second.  Ever since I first tried EGO back in 2014, I have been hooked.  EGO is the real deal.  High quality, easy to work with, and head and shoulders above the rest.

Their OPE line is my favorite for yard maintenance. So, I have been hoping for them to expand and offer some non-OPE “tools” for us homeowners. And I am not the only one asking, it’s a large community begging for them to expand the 56V battery into other areas.

So why am I so excited?  Because they are finally expanding their offerings into other household areas such as misting fans and now this EGO POWER+ Portable Area Light.

EGO Panel Light Features

Ego Panel Light

The EGO Panel Light (LT1000) offers 10,000 lumens and up to 35 hours of runtime on a 5Ah battery.

The light is powered by any EGO 56V battery.

On the side of the light, there is a USB A-Port along with a power button, and buttons to turn the lights brighter or dimmer.  Plus there is another button to turn the different panels on or off.

Each panel has 30 LED lights to help produce the 10,000 lumens.

A user can turn on all the panels or some of the panels depending upon how you have your light set up and what angle you need the light to shine on your area.

The light offers up to 360 degrees of illumination.

Ego Panel Light

On the bottom of the light, there are foldable rafter hooks or you can even mount this on a tripod.

A feature often overlooked is a way to carry the light.  The EGO panel light has two different handles to carry the light.

Ego Panel Light

When not in use, the light folds up and is extremely compact.

EGO Panel Light Performance

Yes, it’s very bright and it’s hard to show in a picture or even a video but if you look above, you can get some idea of how bright this light is.  Setting the light up to shine at any angle is easy.  I like the control panel and the feedback on the buttons.  For a light, I want brightness, longevity, and being able to shine the light in any direction, which the EGO does all three, so I am satisfied with the performance of this light.

EGO Panel Light Value

The EGO Panel Light is available on Amazon for about $129 (bare tool) Amazon – which isn’t bad for what you get. You get an extremely bright, cordless light with a long run time, and let’s not forget, the quality of EGO.  So in the end, I believe this is a great value and worth the price.

EGO Panel Light Wrap Up

The bottom line, this is just another reason EGO needs to continue expanding into other household areas and make the EGO 56V the leading household battery system.  Their misting fan is another perfect example.  If you are a homeowner, camper, hunter, tailgater, or anything else where light is an important tool, this light is yours for the taking.


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