Hilti Nuron Reciprocating Saw

Hilti Nuron Reciprocating Saw

If you have been following us for a while, you know I have always been a huge fan of Hilti.  And the recent launch of the 22V Nuron platform is just another reason I think they stand at the top of the pack.  So let’s take a look at the Hilti Nuron Reciprocating saw (SR 6-22) and see how this cordless reciprocating saw performs.

Hilti Nuron Reciprocating Saw Overview

A reciprocating saw is one of my favorite tools. It’s a fun tool to use, especially because using it often involves some type of demolition.  However, using one all day long can be a little arduous with the familiar vibration and if working overhead for any length of time.  For me, the three qualities that make a great reciprocating saw are good vibration control, longevity, and the blade not binding in the tool.  We all want ease-of-use, and power. But when it really comes down to it, most professional saws are powerful.

Hilti Nuron Reciprocating Saw Features

The Hilti SR 6-A22 Reciprocating saw is the newest addition to the Hilti Nuron platform.  The saw offers a 1-1/4 stroke length with an SPM of 2,600.  This is all performed with a brushless motor, which means a longer running tool.

The saw is powered by any of the Hilti Nuron batteries, which are 22V.

Hilti Nuron Reciprocating Saw

As with other reciprocating saws, this has a D-handle design.  The handle has a rubber over-mold grip and a smooth trigger system.

On the side of the saw, there is a foldable plastic rafter hook.

Hilti Nuron Reciprocating Saw

On the front of the tool, there is a rubber over-mold grip for your front hand making it easier to control and operate.  If dust is an issue with you, a user can connect the optional SR DRS adapter to a compatible shop vacuum.

Hilti Nuron Reciprocating Saw

One of my favorite features is the blade clamp.  Smooth, easy to access with gloves, and the way the blade locks in place, it will not come out until the user releases it. Unfortunately, the blade release is manual, not spring-loaded.

The saw features a pivoting, adjustable shoe. There is a red button on the bottom to adjust the length of the shoe.

Hilti Nuron Reciprocating Saw

AVR is Active Vibration Reduction that is built into the tool to reduce vibration and user fatigue.

Hilti Nuron Reciprocating Saw Performance

As you would expect, this saw is powerful, so I am not even getting into the power.  But, here is what I noticed about the saw.  First is the level of vibration.  Yes, it has vibrations but for me, it seems like a lot less than other saws in this class that we have tested.  I am sure it has to do with the AVR system.  So if you are using this all day, it’s not going to take a toll on you like other reciprocating saws that produce more vibrations.

No matter what we cut, the saw was smooth and powerful enough to complete the task. Perhaps this is why Hilti did not include an orbital action mode.

Hilti Nuron Reciprocating Saw Value

You can pick this tool up for $269 as a bare tool or a kit with 2 batteries, a charger, and a tool bag for $599.  Hilti is sometimes priced higher than the competition but I always think you get a better deal with Hilti because of the quality and most importantly, the service behind the tool.  So for me, either option offers the user a great value.

Hilti Nuron Reciprocating Saw Wrap Up

Bottom line, this is a great addition to the Hilti Nuron lineup.  As I stated earlier, I want these three things in a reciprocating saw: low vibration, longevity, and the blade not binding up.  For me, the saw meets all three criteria.  Sure I haven’t had this saw long but with Hilti’s history and ease of exchange, I am confident in this tool’s ability to be used and abused and still work day in and day out.  Plus this is extremely powerful, so it’s a win-win.


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