Milwaukee Tumblers – Packout Edition

Milwaukee Tumblers

We always talk about tools and how important they are.  However, today we are going to talk about the forgotten star of the show, the coffee mug or better known as the Tumbler.  Milwaukee has added two new tumblers to their lineup.  So let’s take a look at the Milwaukee Tumblers.

Milwaukee Tumblers Overview

I live and die by my coffee, tea, and water.  I live in Chicago and besides crime, high taxes, and corruption, we are known for having extreme weather conditions.  Our summers can easily get up to 95 degrees and our winters can get well below zero.  So people like me need a good way to keep their beverages cold and hot.

Milwaukee Tumblers Features

Milwaukee Tumblers

The Milwaukee tumblers come in both a 30 oz. and a 20 oz.  Both of the Tumblers are dishwasher safe.

The lids are easy to open and close and offer smooth operation, which is a nice deviation from other lids we have seen with other tumblers. The sliding magnetic lid seals tight, and opens and closes easily, even with gloves.

The inside of the tumbler is stainless steel and the walls are double insulated.

Milwaukee Tumblers

The outside has a good texture and isn’t too smooth which allows you to hold the tumbler better, even with gloves.

This is part of the Milwaukee Packout System so these mugs will operate with any of your Packout boxes.

Milwaukee Tumblers Value

You can pick the 30 oz up for $35 while the 20 oz will run about $30.  The prices are in line with YETI Tumblers so not too bad.  However, these give you the cool look of Milwaukee branding, plus they are compatible with Milwaukee Packout which makes these very unique.

They are priced a little higher than RTIC but again, not by much and RTIC doesn’t have the Packout features.  So for me, these are reasonably priced and a good value.

Milwaukee Tumblers Thoughts

In the end, if my coffee is kept hot and my tea cold, I’m pretty satisfied. While some of the reviews say these can leak from the top, I haven’t found many that don’t leak when turned upside down.  I like the lid design and how easy it is to close and open.  For me, I just want my lid closed when I am driving down a bumpy road so it’s not spilling, or when there is a lot of debris in the air.  Plus, there aren’t too many times I have it closed and tilt it upside down.


  1. The only beef I have,is when its full,and attached to my packout,hall my tools in it leeks all over the top of the packout. Not milwaukee PREFORMANCE specially for money


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