Milwaukee Detailing Light – What You Are Missing

Milwaukee Detailing Light

Milwaukee revolutionized the way power tool manufacturers look at lighting.  Before Milwaukee, manufacturers were making cheap lights to help fluff up their tool combo kits.  Well, Milwaukee had enough of that and got serious about offering task-appropriate lights that actually helped the worker.  Now, they are considered the front-runner in the lighting world compared to other power tool manufacturers.  And they just took another leap forward with the Milwaukee Detailing Light.

Milwaukee Detailing Light Overview

No one understands the importance of task lighting more than the automotive world.  If you are a detailer, do restoration, or body guy, light is key for your business and your work.

You may think you are matching colors and it may look good under the indoor lighting but when you pull the car out into direct sunlight, it may be a big wake-up call.  As we know, there are so many different shades of light on the spectrum and they all play a key role in the real world.

Milwaukee saw a need and set out to solve a problem so let’s see if their solution really works.

Milwaukee Detailing Light Features

Milwaukee Detailing Light

The Milwaukee (2127-20) M12 light is designed for inspecting paint, detailing, and color matching. It will help identify paint defects, show swirls, and even provide the proper illumination to see metallic direction. The light features a 98+ color rendering index in five color temperatures to mimic natural sunlight.  The light can mimic different spectrums of sunlight from early morning, to midday to overcast.  The light has an IP54 which is dust and water resistance.

Milwaukee Detailing Light

The light is powered by an M12 battery and offers up to 14 hours of runtime on an XC 4Ah battery.

Milwaukee Detailing Light

The LED is protected by a protective lens.

Milwaukee Detailing Light

On the back of the light is Milwaukee’s standard battery “fuel gauge”, and the power button.  Another button allows you to change the mode from high (1,000 lumens), medium (600 lumens), and low (300 lumens).  There is also a separate button to allow you to cycle through five light color temperatures on the Kelvin scale.

Milwaukee Detailing Light

On the back of the head, there is a strong magnet in case you need to mount the light while working on the car.

Milwaukee Detailing Light Performance

With lights, it’s hard to show in a picture how well the light works as a camera will change the color.  But trust us when we say the light does an awesome job and works really well at showing paint variations and defects without moving your project outside.

Milwaukee Detailing Light Value

You can pick this light up at The Home Depot for $200.  I usually balk at these prices but for what you get, it’s a good deal.  Think about how much time and frustration this light can save you when detailing or working with paint.  A $200 investment is a pretty good deal.

Milwaukee Detailing Light Wrap Up

Overall this is a great light.  I like how you can truly use this in the automotive world and how a user can change the light setting to mimic real-world lights.  The light is small but powerful and will be a key tool for anyone in the automotive business.


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