Milwaukee Cordless Cut Off Saw Review

Milwaukee Cordless Cut Off Saw Review

What do you think of when you think cut off saw.  For me, I think pain in the rear.  Trying to start a gas motor, listening to the noise and dealing with the weight.  When I was in construction, I used a cut off saw a lot and it was always one of those jobs I had to do since I was the apprentice and it was passed on to me.  Milwaukee design a way to make this job easier so let’s take a look at the Milwaukee Cordless Cut Off Saw Review.

Milwaukee Cordless Cut Off Saw Review Overview

When you are outside, using a gas saw isn’t extremely bad other than trying to get it started and the weight.  However, when you are inside, it sucks using a gas saw, no you are not supposed to use a gas saw inside so don’t do this.

As you would expect, a gas saw is a high demand power tool that requires a lot of energy.  So as battery technology has increased so have the tools that can be powered by a battery.  This is why Milwaukee took a saw that normally needs a gas motor and they have created a battery-powered cut off saw.

Milwaukee Cordless Cut Off Saw Review Features

The 2786-22 is a powerful cut off saw for the professionals.  The saw is built around a brushless motor for efficiency and longevity. The tool is designed for cutting concrete, metal, brick, block, cast iron, PVC and more. If you do overload the tool, it will protect itself and flash a light on to of the tool so you know it’s shut off for protection.

One of the best features, the saw is 50% lighter than the traditional gas saws. This saw weighs in at 10.4 lbs.

As for cutting, the saw has a 3.4″ cutting depth and 6,600 RPM’s with a 7/8″ blade arbor dimension.

Milwaukee Cordless Cut Off Saw Review

The kit comes with the saw, 2-12Ah batteries, a charger, water hook up, a concrete blade and a metal blade.

Since this is a high demand tool, Milwaukee paired this with their top of the line battery, the Milwaukee 18V 12Ah battery.

The saw uses a single battery to power the tool.  The battery sits inside the tool and is protected by a plastic cover.

The saw is a 9″ cut off saw that uses both a diamond blade for concrete or abrasive blade for metal. One cool feature is the quick stop.  The saw features a Rapid stop which will stop the blade within 3 seconds. Another feature is a user can fully adjust the blade guard.

Milwaukee Cordless Cut Off Saw Review

The handle is a D-handle with a rubber overmold grip.

Milwaukee Cordless Cut Off Saw Review

The trigger is large for two fingers and also features a lock.

Milwaukee Cordless Cut Off Saw Review

On the side of the too, you can hook this directly to water or use the Milwaukee switch tank to keep the dust down.

Milwaukee Cordless Cut Off Saw Review

The handle is nice and large which will allow the user to use the tool straight up or on its side.

Milwaukee Cordless Cut Off Saw Review

The Milwaukee tool is equipt with One-Key which allows you to track and inventory the tool.

On the bottom and the side of the tool, you have storage for the tools you need to change blades or work on the tool when you need to clean it.

Milwaukee Cordless Cut Off Saw Review Performance

So here is the deal.  I love this saw.  I love the power and weight.  I have used gas saws in the past where I was cutting rebar all day long and after a while, the weight sucks.  I would have loved to have a saw like this as it would have made life easier.

I used this for a couple of cuts at the Milwaukee event and it performed much better than I expected.  I also cut a slab from my back since I am adding an addition to the house and need to remove.  The saw cut through like swiss cheese and was easy to work with and control.

My next project is I have to cut pipe from my basement floor so I am going to use this saw along with the Milwaukee switch tank to perform this task, so watch us on Instagram and you will see this first hand for this larger indoor job.

Milwaukee Cordless Cut Off Saw Review Value

You can pick up the bare tool (2786-20) for $599 or pick up the kit that has two 12Ah batteries (2786-22) for $899 from The Home Depot.  The Milwaukee is priced a little higher than some other battery-powered cut off saws but the other companies also don’t offer as much in the lineup.  So it does make sense to invest a little more for a quality tool and have access to a large line up of power tools.  Overall, I don’t think the price is bad considering you can now work inside and not worry about gas fumes and a loud winding noise from a motor.

Milwaukee Cordless Cut Off Saw Review Wrap Up

Overall I think this is a great saw.  The saw is powerful and lightweight which means it’s easier to control for longer periods of time.  I love the power and since it’s not gas, it can safely be used inside.  I wish I had more cutting to do with this saw.  If you are in the business where you need to cut concrete or metal, take a look at this saw, trust me, it will surprise you.

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