Dremel Go Screwdriver

Dremel Go Screwdriver

What do you think of when you think Dremel?  Let me guess, a rotary tool.  The reason being is because Dremel was the first rotary tool and they have been the leader ever since.  In fact, most people don’t say rotary tools, they just say Dremel.  Just like most people don’t say tissue, they say Kleenex.  While they have the most well known rotary tool on the market, they also make other tools such as the Dremel Go Screwdriver.

Dremel Go Screwdriver – Information

  • Name – Dremel GO 4-Volt Cordless Screwdriver with USB Charger and Insert Bits
  • Model – Go-01
  • Price – $36.92
  • Where to BuyThe Home Depot
  • ReviewsDremel Reviews

Dremel Go Screwdriver – Features

There are a lot of applications that need precision and don’t need a powerful 18V drill.  The Dremel Go has a lot to offer and can help with the smaller jobs.

  • Overdrive control to avoid stripping or splitting material
  • Rechargeable 4V battery
  • Comes with accessories
  • 360 RPMs
  • Push to start system

Dremel Go Screwdriver – Impressions

So as you can see this is a small handheld cordless screwdriver.  What is cool about this system is the push and go feature.  So on the handle, there is a slide switch that has three positions.  In the middle, the screwdriver is locked. Push the switch up and it will go to tighten mode and when the switch is down, it will go to loosen mode.  So here is how it works, just push the screwdriver onto the fastener and the screwdriver will start loosening or tightening. Yes, it’s that simple.  No switch, no turning your arm, just simple push and hold.

The push and go feature is extremely cool especially if you are working in tight spaces.  I like how the tool also features an LED battery status light.  The one thing I wish it had but doesn’t truly matter is onboard storage for bits.

A cool feature to note is the variable speed dial on the back of the screwdriver.  Since this screwdriver is used more for precision, it’s nice to be able to adjust the speed.  I know some adjust the speed by pressure but I would much rather have a dial because pressure never seems to work correctly.

Dremel Go Screwdriver – Wrap Up

Overall, I like this tool.  The tool is easy to use and easy to control.  While not everyone can use a tool like this, those looking for a small screwdriver, this is a very cool tool to own.  And considering it’s Dremel, it’s a name and tool you can trust.

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  1. Any difference between this and the Bosch version? They look externally identical, and the only spec that differs I can see is $30 in price.

    • Good question and I am not 100% sure. I would say yes because Bosch seems to put out higher quality tools. But on the same thought process, Bosch owns Dremel so I wouldn’t think they would design a different tool. Maybe just stick a different name on the tool. I wish I had a better answer but I am not sure.


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