Milwaukee Installation Driver Review

Milwaukee Installation Driver Review

When it comes to 12V power tools, Milwaukee is the leader and the company in second isn’t even close.  Milwaukee has grown its 12V line for a couple of reasons.  First, they make dependable tools that may have a small footprint, but they have a fair amount of power under the hood.  Second, the cater to trades which means they have specific tools geared towards people in the trades.  Such as a copper cutter.  Not everyone will use this tool but plumbers love this tool and use it all the time.  So speaking of specific trades, let’s talk about the Milwaukee Installation Driver Review.

Milwaukee Installation Driver Review Overview

Think about an installer.  Not only are they dealing with so many fasteners, but they are dealing with so many different situations.  They need different tools.  Sometimes they need a drill to get through a wall to run wire and other times they need an impact for fasteners.  To add to it, sometimes they are in tight corners and need a right angle tool.  As you can see the list doesn’t stop.  So Milwaukee set out to create a solution for this problem.

Milwaukee Installation Driver Review Features

Milwaukee Installation Driver Driver Review

The Milwaukee 2505-22 is a 4 in 1 tool that comes with two batteries.  The tool is built around a brushless motor and delivers 300 in/lbs of torque. The tool is extremely small with an overall length of 5.12″ and it only weighs 2 lbs with a battery.

Milwaukee Installation Driver Driver Review

The tool is a 4 in 1 tool and is all powered by a single powerhead system that has interchangeable heads.

Milwaukee Installation Driver Driver Review

To power the system, the head uses the Milwaukee 12V battery.

Milwaukee Installation Driver Driver Review

The tool comes with four heads which include a 3/8″ chuck, a 1/4 hex, a right angle head, and an offset.

To change the head, just pull the ring and the head easily separates from the tool.

Milwaukee Installation Driver Driver Review

The tool even has 1-16 clutch settings, plus a drill only mode.

On top of the drill, you can change it from speed 1 to speed 2 depending upon the application and if you need more torque or more speed.

Milwaukee Installation Driver Driver Review

The installation tool has a grip that 12V users are familiar with.  The rubber over-mold grip and the inline handle give the tool a good grip and make working with the tool comfortable.

The Milwaukee 12V batteries don’t have a fuel status gauge on them, so this tool has a built-in battery status indicator.

Milwaukee Installation Driver Performance

So I have been able to get a lot of use out of this tool.  I am currently adding an addition to my house.  So I have let my HVAC guy use this and he loves the tool.  Plenty of power and he likes how easy it is to change the heads.  He also touted the run time.

I used this for some of my electrical work installing data cables, boxes and some EMT pipe which I also did some drilling into 2×4’s.  I was surprised at the power.  One thing I thought I might not like is the handle because I thought it would get in the way.  What I learned, I was wrong.  Not only did the handle not get in my way but it protected my knuckles in one instance.  I was drilling and not paying attention.  As I was pushing, it went through the 2×4 and I would have smashed my knuckles against the wood, but the handle actually hit the wood and protected me.

Dan has been using this like crazy with his Jeeps.  If you have been following Instagram, you can not only see the electric project I used this with but also how Dan is using it for his projects.

This is hard to find something I don’t like about it.  I love how easy it is to change heads, I love the run time and the dependability, plus the power.

Milwaukee Installation Driver Review Value

So get this, you can pick up this tool for $229 at The Home Depot.  To me, this is a steal and a great value.  Since it’s a 4 in 1, how can you not go wrong?  How much would it cost to pick these tools up individually?  I know it would be a lot more than $229.

Milwaukee Installation Driver Final Thoughts

The bottom line, this is another great addition to the Milwaukee 12V family.  For installers, this is a great tool.  Doesn’t matter if you are in the automotive field, HVAC, computers or a ton of other fields, this tool is made to make your life easier.

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  1. I love mine, thought it would be handy and loved that it was so light weight and versatile. Having had it for awhile now I turn to it more and more, it does a lot of things really well and did I mention how light weight it is? Great addition to my tool box.

  2. I’ve been using mine for about 3 weeks. Fantastic in every aspect but one. Having the reversing switch on top is very inconvenient, and requires two hands to change direction. Don’t know about you all, but I frequently have to change direction, say if I start a screw crooked, or need to move it, whatever. The size of this driver make it great for single handed operation, but the reversing switch on top requires two hands. Regardless, I still use it way more than my M12 drill/driver now.


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