Dremel Rotary Kit

Dremel Rotary Kit

We recently reviewed the Dremel Lite Rotary Tool so what better way to expand on this and talk about the accessory kit. As you know, a rotary tool has so many uses and is so versatile.  So when it comes to versatility, you know you will need a ton of different bits, which brings me to the Dremel Rotary Kit.

Dremel Rotary Kit – Information

Dremel Rotary Kit – Features

Dremel offers a lot of different kits.  The 713-01 is an example and it is great to get you started with some of the most common bits for the Dremel.

  • 130 different accessories for cutting, polishing, grinding, cleaning, and sanding
  • Storage bin
  • EZ lock mandrel

Dremel Rotary Kit – Impressions

When it comes to rotary tools, Dremel is the leader so why not go with the leader’s accessories.  In all honesty, I have used no-name brand accessories, while some are ok, I have had more issues with the no-name accessories.  While I always try to save money, when it comes to accessories, I go with Dremel because they work and cause less frustration in the long run.

I love the kit and how it gives you everything a beginner will need to get off the ground and get going.  The kit runs $35 which isn’t bad for a starter kit. The kit gives you so much for sanding, grinding, polishing, cutting and more.  What is nice, you don’t get one or two pieces of sanding drums, you get a lot. The same is true for some of the other accessories.

Dremel Rotary Kit – Wrap Up

I know accessories aren’t fun or sexy, but you can’t use your Dremel without accessories, so they are necessary.  I don’t use my Dremel all the time but when I do grab for it, it’s nice having a kit that has a little of everything since I don’t know what job or task I will tackle.

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