Werner Adjustable Platform

Werner Adjustable Platform

When it comes to a manufacturers‘ name, Werner is a name I never have to question.  Their ladders and platforms are top of the line and something I have trust in.  I have been working on my house for a number of years and can’t tell you how much I relied on the Werner ladder and the Werner platform.  While I thought the platform was perfect, Werner thought otherwise and wanted to give it an upgrade. So they came out with a twist to the platform which we are going to cover today, the Werner Adjustable platform.

Werner Adjustable Platform Overview

While there are a ton of ladders and platforms to choose from, there are really only a couple of big, reputable names on the market and Werner is one of those names.  Let’s face it, each year there are a lot of accidents where people fall off ladders and platforms.  While they can be handy tools, if not used correctly or if you have a defective product, it can cause serious injury.  For those reasons, that is why I primarily only use Werner.

Werner is a name that I have trusted over the years.  I find their ladders and platforms to be built solid and they offer me a great value.  But what I like most is that when I am on their ladder or platform, they are solid and stable.  I have used other products in the past and if you have used inferior ladders or platforms, you know how uncomfortable it is when it sways or flexes.  Werner doesn’t do that.  If you look through my old ladder review, you can see that I used the ladder to reach the top of the second story.  What I loved about it most, no flex.  I felt extremely safe as it was stable the whole time.

So why am I telling you all this?  Simple, I want you to understand that when it comes to ladders and platforms, I don’t take it lightly since it is a serious safety issue.  I am not here to sell you on Werner, but I do want you to know that this is a company I trust and once you use a Werner product, you will too.

Werner Adjustable Platform Features

Werner Adjustable Platform

The Werner (AP-2030) offers a 300 lbs load capacity. The platform is 46″ long by  14″ wide and weighs about 21-1/2″ lbs. One of the reasons the platform is so light is that it is built with aluminum.

Werner Adjustable Platform

When not in use, the platform easily folds up for storage or transportation.

Werner Adjustable Platform

In the middle of the platform, there is a place to grab which makes it easier to move or carry.

Werner Adjustable Platform

One of the best features is the support underneath the platform.  As you can see, Werner beefed it up so the platform can withstand 300 lbs and won’t flex.

Werner Adjustable Platform

The feet have plastic with ridges so it offers protection on nicer surfaces and also offers stability so it doesn’t slide around while standing on the platform.

To open the legs, you press the two yellow tabs together and you can either extend or collapse the legs.

To raise the legs, just press the large blue button and you can extend the legs.  You can adjust the platform from 20″ to 30″.  Each leg is independent of the other leg which means you can have one leg high and the other low, which makes it ideal for stairs.

When you adjust the legs to the highest level, the platform will provide a 9′ reach.

Werner Adjustable Platform

Each leg has a step with ridges to make it safe to climb up and down the platform.

Werner Adjustable Platform Performance

There are two things I really want in performance.  Stability and ease of use.  As with the older Werner platforms, this new adjustable platform is extremely stable.  Even on the high setting, it doesn’t wobble, doesn’t flex, and allows me to work, worry-free.

In regards to ease of use, as you would expect, it’s easy to figure out and open.  But what I like is how easy it is to open the legs and I love the large button to extend each leg.  I never felt like I was fighting the platform to open a leg, which is a huge benefit.

Werner Adjustable Platform Value

You can pick this platform up at Lowe’s for $109.  To me, this is a great deal.  Sure it’s adjustable, sure it has a great build quality, sure it’s easy to use, but the bottom line and why it’s worth every penny, the platform is stable.  So for me, it’s worth every penny and then some.

Werner Adjustable Platform Final Thoughts

When it comes to platforms, Werner is the one I trust.  I love how easy it is to adjust sizes and I love how stable the platform is, even on the tallest setting. If you are looking for a platform, this is the one to own.


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