Cat S42 Smartphone

Cat S42 Smartphone

We all know that job site environments are tough.  We have to deal with the extreme heat and cold, rain, snow, dirt, debris, and all the other things that can go wrong on a job site.  When you think about it, it’s amazing that things even last on a job site.  Sure manufacturers build tough power tools but what about all the other items we need on the job site like a phone.  Well, no need to worry because there is a phone that is built for the job site, the Cat S42 Smartphone.

Cat S42 – Information

  • Name – Cat Phone
  • Model – Cat S42
  • Price – $299
  • Where to BuyCat Website

Cat S42 – Features

When it comes to toughness, I don’t know any other phone out there that is as tough as the Cat S42.  Here are just some of the features this phone offers.

  • Google Android Platform
  • 1.8 GHz Quadcore Processor
  • Mil-Spec 810H – If you are not familiar with this, this is the military standard.  So with that said, if this can be used in the military environment, it’s more than durable enough for the job site environment.
  • IP69/IP68 Water and Dust Proof
  • Drop tested up to 6′.  They drop test it on steel.
  • Gorilla Glass 5
  • Bright HD+ Display
  • 4200 mAh battery – 2 Day battery life
  • Dual sim card and Micro SD slots
  • Can be used for Push to Talk
  • Faster connectivity NFC, Bluetooth® 5.0, dual-band wifi (2.4 GHz + 5 GHz)
  • Camera – 13-megapixel primary, rear 5MP
  • Weight – 7.76 oz
  • Works with wet fingers or gloves
  • Waterproof for 35 minutes

Okay, so we know this is one tough phone.  This phone is designed to take the abuse of the job site.

Cat S42 – Impressions

This is easily one of my favorite phones for a variety of reasons.  First, I love the toughness.  Second, I love all the options.  While I have an iPhone and I am not familiar with Android, I found it very easy to use and work with, which is a huge plus for anyone looking to change from Apple to Google.  If you are familiar with Google Android, this is a no brainer if you need something tough.  Heck, even if you don’t require a phone to be tough, I love this phone because I don’t ever have to worry about dropping it, leaving it in the weather conditions or getting dirt on it.  If I want to clean it, I can just drop it in water, use soap and dry it off. This is just one of the phones you have to use to really appreciate it.

When I was working on my house, I can’t tell you how many times my phone was a pain.  Someone would call, I would try to answer and couldn’t because I had gloves on.  Or I would be looking something up, sweat would drip from my forehead and then nothing would work until I wiped it off.  If I was cutting with a saw and some of the sawdust was hitting my iPhone, I had to stop, move the phone and then get back to work.  Bottom line, iPhone has nothing on this phone.

Cat S42 – Wrap Up

As I said, I don’t know of a phone tougher than this phone on the market.  When you’re on a job site, you want something that will last and take the abuse.  This phone is more than just a smartphone, it’s a smart tool that can be used by contractors, first responders and so many more professionals that need a tool that will make them better and more efficient.


  1. The S42 should suit anyone who wants a rugged phone from a recognisable company for a reasonable amount of money. Buyers should initially be prepared for the phone’s weak mobilespecs, poor camera and sound quality, and some of the phone’s thoughtfulness.


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