Lockdown – An Introduction


Are you familiar with a company called LockDown?  For me, I have never heard of the company before.  I knew nothing about them or what products they make.  I didn’t know who owns them or what do they do?  So who is LockDown?

Lockdown – Overview

Do you have valuables you want to keep safe?  Do you own firearms and want to keep them safe?  Do you have an area of your home or business you want to monitor for certain environmental changes?  If so, LockDown is a company that you need to know and understand.

Before I go on and talk about two products we have on hand, let’s understand who the company is.  LockDown isn’t just a company without any backing.  In fact, it’s the opposite.  LockDown is owned by American Outdoor Brand.  If American Outdoor Brands doesn’t ring a bell, how about Smith & Wesson?  My point is that this company isn’t just a small company on its own, it’s a company that has a backing which is important because it’s not here and gone tomorrow.  It’s not just a one product hit.

While Smith & Wesson recently split off to its own company, American brands are strong with a variety of other brands in its portfolio such as Bubba, Old Timer, and lots more.  As their name implies, they are dedicated to the outdoors and making your life better.

While I am only going over two products today, take a look at them as they offer a wide variety of products in the LockDown brand such as Security, Moisture Control, Lighting, Organization, and other products for safety and protecting your valuables.

Lockdown – LED Vault Light


The kit comes with two automatic LED lights that will turn on and off when you open and close your vault door.

As you can see from above, there is a large sensor that will sense the change and turn the light on or off.  There is also a built-in slide switch to keep the lights on or off.  If you want the automatic feature, just slide it to auto mode and it will allow the lights to work by themselves.


The light is powered by three AAA batteries. The batteries will provide about 6 hours of continuous run time.


The light can be mounted in the vault or a wall by either the two keyholes or if you are going to use it on a metal surface, you can use the built-in magnet.


Each light has 25 LED lights that put out 70 lumens which means these small lights put out a fair amount of light to light up any dark area in your vault or safe.

Lockdown – Compact Dehumidifier

If you have valuables, not only do you want to keep them safe from intruders but you also want to keep them safe from the environment.  We all know that moisture can ruin paper and also take a toll on steel.  So this compact auto dehumidifier is a handy tool to have in your vault room or safe.


The LockDown Compact Automatic Dehumidifier removes moisture directly out of the air using a thermo-electric process.  The unit only weighs 2.46 lbs while having a footprint of 9.25” L x 6” W x 4.5” D. The dehumidifier will remove 250 ml of moisture per day.

On the front of the unit, you can turn the dehumidifier on or off.  A user can also adjust the threshold of the humidity level and see a digital readout.

The unit is powered by a power cord so you have to make sure your room or area has power close by.

You can either have the water drain into a holding tank (600ml tank capacity) that you empty yourself or there is a 6′ included drain tube that will bypass the holding tank and directly drain.

Lockdown – Final Thoughts

Overall, LockDown is a company I am excited about.  I love these lights and the dehumidifier.  I am excited to bring the American Outdoor Brands to Tools in Action and share with you all the different products they offer.


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