Werner Platform Review

Werner Platform Review

How many times have you been working on a project and only need to reach up a couple more feet?  We have all been there where we have to grab a ladder out and end up walking up a couple of steps, down a couple of steps and then moving the ladder only to repeat it over and over again.  This is where platforms come into play.  A good platform allows you to work efficiently while being safe.  So speaking of platforms, let’s jump into the Werner Platform Review and see what we think.

Werner Platform Review Overview

Werner is the leading manufacturer of ladders and platforms.  They are a company that has been around with a rich history of making quality products that tradesman and homeowners rely on.

While Werner has some platforms on the market, this new Pro series allows you to connect multiple plans together to extend your reach.

For a platform to perform, you need one that is safe, built to last and is easy to set up and take down, not to mention moving it around.

Werner Platform Review Features

Werner Platform Review

The Werner platform is built from a thick aluminum which not only makes it lighter but gives it durability.  Since it’s aluminum this platform is extremely light weighing only 22 lbs and has a load capacity of 375 lbs, pretty good weight ratio.  The platform stands about 20.53″ high and has a platform dimension of 48″ x 16″.

Werner Platform Review

One of the reasons this has such a large weight capacity is the way Werner designed it with a sound structure design.

Werner Platform Review

To set up the platform, just pull out on the red knob and you can move the leg into place.  Once the leg is in the proper place, they now will automatically lock into place.

Werner Platform Review

There is one step that a user can use in order to get on top of the platform.  I did find this very stable to walk up and down.

Werner Platform Review

As you can see, Werner made these steps to withstand abuse.  With two rivets to hold the step in place, this step should withstand the test of time.

Werner Platform Review

Aluminum can be slippery when wet so Werner designed a nice grip to help keep your foot on the step, even if it does get wet.

Werner Platform Review

On the bottom of the legs, Werner attached a permanent plastic piece to protect your floors or other areas you don’t want to be scratched up.

Werner Platform Review

Here is the cool part.  When not in use this platform can become very small which is great for transporting or for storage.

Werner Platform Review

As with the step, the top platform also has a nice texture to help prevent slipping.  Plus Werner designed this with a nice carry handle located in the center of the platform if you have to move it around.

Werner Platform Review Performance

Setting up the platform is extremely easy, just pull out the red knob and expand the leg.  The only quirk to this is the red knob is located on different sides.  So you can not lay the platform on its side and expand the legs.  In the next generation, I would like to see this changed so opening and closing can be performed when the platform is on its side.

One of the biggest pluses to this platform is the stability.  The platform is nice and wide which makes this very stable and easy to use.

While you can link these platforms together, they don’t make it extremely easy as you will need a tool to remove one of the legs and link it together.  I wish they had a quick release system where you can link these together.

Werner Platform Review Value

The Werner platform retails for about $75 on The Home Depot.  I have seen other platforms that are less, but also more.  For me, it’s hard to put a price on something like this.  Do you really want to go cheap with something that can change your life for the worse?  People every year fall and hurt themselves on ladders, scaffolding and platforms.  For me, this is something I wouldn’t go cheap on.

Werner is a name we all know and trust.  Sure you might pay a little more but for something like this, I think it’s worth the extra cost.  Not only is this platform sturdy and tough, but it will last you a lifetime.

Werner Platform Review Final Thoughts

Overall Werner did a great job with the design of this platform.  While I wish it was a little easier lining two or more platforms together, I fully understand the thought behind it.  The platform is sturdy, which is the most important quality of this platform.  I love that it’s wide and very stable.  If you are in the trades where you find yourself needing a platform, this is one that should get your attention.


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