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Skil Radio

If you have been following the tool world, you know Skil was recently bought out by a company called Chervon, which also makes Ego.   Normally we are a little weary of buyouts because we never know what the new company is going to do with the brand.  However, we know Chervon and this has been something we are excited about.  We know Chervon is going to take Skil to a new level with technology and the number of tools they offer.  We know Skil is going to be one of the competitive homeowner brands, which they have already started to prove.  So let’s take a look at their new addition, the Skil speaker.

Skil Speaker Overview

For me, a Bluetooth speaker is one of those products everyone needs to own.  Not only can you listen to tunes when you are working but it’s perfect for tailgating, camping or just hanging out.  So I am glad to see Skil didn’t wait on this addition to the Skil family.

Skil Speaker Features

Skil Radio

The Skil speaker (RO5028-00) is a Bluetooth speaker that allows a user to hook up their phone or tablet and then a user can broadcast what’s on their devices, such as Pandora or other apps.

While Skil offers a 12V version, this is the 20V version we tested out.  One notable feature of this battery is that you can charge an electronic device with the battery as it features a USB connection.

Skil Radio

On top of the speaker, a user can access all the buttons such as on/off, volume, and more. This top area also acts as a phone cradle to keep your phone nearby while listening to music.

There is a speaker on the front of the radio with a dual passive bass.

On the back of the speaker, there is a USB connection along with an AUX jack in case you don’t have Bluetooth.

Skil Radio

The speaker has a couple of different handles, two on the back and one on the side which allows you to pretty much set the speaker up on any angle to throw the sound in any direction.

Skil Speaker Performance

As you would expect with any Bluetooth, this speaker is very easy to pair, so no issues there.  All the controls are located on the top so it’s easy turning on, adjusting the volume, and more.  So the real issue or question is the sound quality.

For me, the sound quality is more than I would expect from a speaker of this size.  What I like is how it sounds rich and not tingy like other speakers we have tested over the years.  Is this the loudest speaker we have ever heard? No, it’s not the loudest speaker but for the size of the speaker, it’s loud and clear.  When we compare it to other speakers of the same size, this does seem like it has an advantage in regards to clarity and sound quality.

Skil Speaker Value

You can pick this up on Amazon for about $55 for the bare tool.  If you own Skil batteries and a charger, this is a great deal.  You get a quality speaker with a great sound for the size.

Skil Speaker Wrap Up

Overall, this is a great addition to the Skil family.  The speaker is clear and easy to use.  While the speaker is clear and loud, don’t expect it to compete with the large job site radios.  That is not what this is designed for.  This is a great homeowner speaker for outside when you are working, camping, or tailgating.  For $55, it’s hard to beat.


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