Hilti Cordless Vacuum – Revisit

Hilti Cordless Vacuum

A while back we reviewed the Hilti Cordless Vacuum.  While most power tool manufacturers offer some type of cordless vacuum, the Hilti has been one of our top picks for a variety of reasons.  Since we like it so much and decided to get another one, we thought it would be a great time to revisit this vacuum and let you know why this is one of our favorites.  So let’s jump in and talk about the Hilti cordless vacuum, the good and the bad of this vacuum.

Hilti Cordless Vacuum – Information

Revisit Information

So let’s jump in and see what makes this such a great vacuum.

Hilti Cordless Vacuum

First and foremost is the A22 battery.  Hilti uses a 22V battery to power this vacuum while most other manufacturers use a 20V.  While it’s not a huge difference, it’s still a difference.  If you want to increase the run time, you can jump up to a bigger Ah battery.  We have been using the 3Ah battery and it has great run time.

Hilti Cordless Vacuum

Turing the vacuum on and off is also simple.  There is a dial at the top of the vacuum and it lets you choose from Eco mode which will save the battery to the full mode which will increase suction if you have heavier material to pick up.  Having the dial at the top means you can just look down and turn the vacuum on.  Some have the power switch on the side and it makes it more cumbersome to turn on and off.

Hilti Cordless Vacuum

Another great feature that we haven’t seen on other portable vacuums this size is the ability to clean the filter.  Just press the button at the top, under the handle and it will thump the vacuum and clean the filter off so you get better suction.  This is very handy if you are working with concrete or other fine dust that sits on the filter.

As a note, you still have to occasionally go in and clean and change the filter.

Hilti Cordless Vacuum

Next is the storage of this vacuum.  The hose is the best hose we have seen because not only does it stretch out farther than other hoses but storing the hose is easy and it always stays in place, even when transporting the vacuum.  While most vacuums come with the floor attachment, this also comes with a crevice tool.  All the tools are securely stored and allow for easy access.  No having to lift up doors to access accessories, they are all right at your fingertips.

Hilti Cordless Vacuum

The dirt collection is on the bottom of the vacuum.  There are two latches that allow you easy access.  While most have this setup, the Hilti is easy to remove and put back on when compared to other vacuums we have used.

Hilti Cordless Vacuum

As you can see once you take the bottom off, you can easily change or clean the filter.

Hilti Cordless Vacuum

The biggest plus of this system is the bag.  I love this and it’s the only small vacuum I have seen that uses a bag.  So if you are picking up drywall dust, using this with a concrete tool, or just cleaning up a mess, everything is contained.  Just pull the bag out and toss it in the garbage.  Other systems that don’t have a bag only cause a mess.  You have to take the bottom tray and dump it into the garbage where all the particles are now suspended in the air, what good is that?  For me, the bag makes this vacuum.

So as you can see, this vacuum has a lot to offer that no other vacuums on the market can compare to.  Even though this is a small portable cordless vacuum, it has many features that the bigger vacuums offer.

So what don’t I like about this vacuum?  For me, I can’t think of anything I don’t like about this vacuum.  I wish I could come up with something but that says a lot about the design of the vacuum because I can’t find anything I don’t like.  It even has a crevice tool which most don’t come with one.

Hilti Cordless Vacuum – Wrap Up

Overall this is a great vacuum.  The vacuum is powerful, easy to use, creates storage solutions for the hose and accessories and it comes with many features only found in bigger and more expensive vacuums.  If you are looking for a cordless vacuum, Hilti is the way to go.  Even if you don’t have a battery and charger for the platform, it makes sense to invest in this vacuum as it will not disappoint. When it comes to vacuums, this is one of our top picks.


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