EGO 2-Stage Snow Blower

EGO 2-Stage Snow Blower

We can pretty much agree that 2020 was one of the strangest years we have ever seen and like most people, we are probably glad it’s coming to an end.  With it coming to an end, that means we have winter and snow coming around the corner, which brings me to the Ego 2-stage Snow Blower.

EGO 2-Stage Snow Blower Overview

When it comes to Outdoor Power Equipment (OPE), EGO is one of the best on the market.  They make high quality and powerful OPE products. A couple of years ago they came out with one of the best performing snow blowers, the single-stage Ego Snowblower. As of today, it’s still one of the best single-stage snow blowers in the market place.  However, Ego being Ego, they are always pushing the envelope with new battery-powered OPE products.  So they are taking the snowblower one step further with a two-stage snowblower.

For those who may not be familiar with a single and two-stage snow blower, here is how they work.

  • Single Stage – A single-stage has one paddle that turns extremely fast.  This paddle pulls snow into the machine and shoots it out of the chute.  Great for smaller areas and for smaller snowfalls.
  • Two-Stage – A two-stage has an auger and a paddle.  The auger is in the front.  The auger breaks up snow and pulls it into to the machine where the faster paddle shoots it out the chute.  A two-stage is for heavier snowfalls and works great at the end of driveways where the plow packs the snow.

EGO 2-Stage Snow Blower Features

EGO 2-Stage Snow Blower

The Ego two-stage (SNT2405) can throw snow up to 50′ which is farther than some gas-powered snowblowers. The snowblower also features a variable speed auger along with a variable speed self propelled feature.  Get this, it even has a reverse.

The snowblower is powered by 2 EGO 7.5Ah batteries that sit under a hard plastic cover.  One of the best features is the dual charger that comes with the snowblower.  No more charging one battery at a time.  Just put both batteries in the charger and when you are ready for the next snowfall, both batteries will have a charge.

EGO 2-Stage Snow Blower

The machine uses a steel auger that pulls snow into the metal paddle that will shoot the snow out the chute. The snowblower has a 24″ clearing path with a 20″ intake height.

EGO 2-Stage Snow Blower

Everything a user needs is located on the top dashboard.  On the left, you can engage the drive (Self Propelled) and you can also adjust the speed.  On the right, you can engage the auger, which you can also adjust the speed.  In the center of the dashboard, there is a green button to start the machine along with a small black button for the LED lights.  Just above the start button, you can adjust the chute left or right.  Right next to the chute degree adjustment is where you can adjust how low or high the snow will shoot.

EGO 2-Stage Snow Blower

The chute will rotate 200 degrees which will allow you to throw snow wherever you want.

The snow blower features a total of 12 bright LED lights.  While the lights may be small, they shine a lot of light which is perfect, even for the nights the moon is hidden.

EGO 2-Stage Snow Blower

The unit is equipped with two large air-filled tires on the back, which makes it great for moving around.

EGO 2-Stage Snow Blower

On the bottom of the machine, you can adjust the height in case you have a rocky driveway or other areas you want higher up.  One point to mention is the snowblower features a metal scraper in the front to get a clean finish.

EGO 2-Stage Snow Blower

On top of the snowblower, there is a clean out stick in case the chute gets clogged with wet snow.

EGO 2-Stage Snow Blower

If you break a shear pin, there are two spares on top.

EGO 2-Stage Snow Blower Performance

As you would expect, we don’t have snow right now in Chicago but we will soon.  Follow us on Instagram and you will see this first hand.  We did have a chance to test it at their facility and as you would expect, this rocks, and will throw snow extremely far.  But yes, we want to test it in our conditions.

In regards to the performance of the snowblower, this is easily one of the best we have tested.  The startup is a snap and you can just feel the quality in the snowblower.  All the levers and switches are nice.  They don’t feel cheap, they have that nice feedback feeling you would expect from a higher-end machine.

EGO 2-Stage Snow Blower Value

You can pick this up at Lowe’s for $1,299.  Normally I would think this is high priced especially because I can get a gas two-stage for about $900. Here is why I think this is a fair price.

  • The build quality is better than most of the gas snowblowers we have seen.
  • Easy starting in the winter.  No messing around trying to start a cold engine with gas.
  • Just as powerful as a gas two-stage snowblower.
  • Quiet and easy to use which means you can use this any time of the night and not worry about bothering neighbors or dealing with the city noise ordinance.
  • You have two 7.5Ah batteries which means you can get into the other Ego tools and just buy the bare tools, which will save you money.
  • Not worrying about bad gas or dealing with flooded engines.
  • Savings on gas over the years, plus you don’t have to run to the gas station in the middle of the night because you forgot to get gas.

So for me, these are just some of the reasons I think this is a great value.  Sure, an extra $400 is a chunk of change but what I get for the extra $400 is well worth the extra cost.

If you already have batteries, you can pick up a bare tool at Amazon for $800, which is just under the average cost for a two-stage snowblower.

EGO 2-Stage Snow Blower Final Thoughts

When it comes to Ego, I have been using them since 2014 and they have never let me down.  I have never had a bad battery or bad tools from them.  I have been using them for all my OPE needs and even still have my first mower from 2014, which is going strong.  So I know when Ego releases a product, I know it has been tested and is quality.  They don’t release products just to get them out of the door.

I love how smooth and quiet this machine is.  I love the build quality.  I am excited about the snow and excited to use this machine.  Follow us on Instagram for more in actions and reviews on this machine.


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