Skil Table Saw

Skil Table Saw

If you think you know Skil, think again.  Recently Skil was bought out by Chervon, the makers of Ego OPE.  Cheron is a company that has a long history.  Let’s just say they are the behind the scene power tool manufacturer.  They have been making power tools for a very long time and putting them under other brand names, very large names you know and trust.  So when you think of Skil, there is now a company behind the name that has the experience, dedication, and desire to create an unbelievable homeowner brand.  So let’s take a look at the Skil Table Saw.

Skil Table Saw Overview

A table saw is a great tool to own.  The saw will make your life easier.  You can cut large or small pieces of wood and you can make them straight.  However, as a homeowner, table saws sometimes present a problem.  Because most of the table saws are designed for contractors, they can be expensive and cumbersome.

What I mean by cumbersome is the stand.  Some of the stands on the market take up more room than needed.  As a homeowner, all you have is your garage, maybe a basement or a shed, but your room is at a premium, so why do you want a stand to get in the way?  Also, why do you want to mess around with setting up a stand each time and then trying to attach your table saw to the stand.

This is where Skil comes into place.  The stand is built directly into the table saw.  So you get a great, reliable saw with a built-in stand, which is perfect for the homeowner.

Skil Table Saw Features

Skil Table Saw

The Skil table saw (model TS6307-00) is a 10″ table saw. The saw can cut up to a 4×4 piece of wood at a 90º. At a 45º bevel, the saw will cut up to 2.5″.

Skil Table Saw

Underneath the table, sits the motor.  This saw has a 15 Amp motor that will power through pretty much any piece of wood, soft or hardwood. The motor provides a no-load speed of 4600 rpm.

Skil Table Saw

The saw comes with a 10″ Skil blade. The blade is a 24 tooth blade which is a general purpose blade. If you want to work with a Dado blade, you can go up to 5/8″.

Skil Table Saw

The fence features locking points at the front and back of the fence to ensure an accurate cut every time. The saw has a max rip of the left of the blade of 14″ while the right is 25.5″.

One of the key features of this saw is the rack and pinion fence which allows for smooth, fast, and accurate cuts.

Skil Table Saw

On the front of the saw, you can turn on and off the motor with a large bump off.  You can also adjust the height of the saw, along with the bevel degree. You can adjust the bevel from -2-47º with two positive stops at 0 and 45º.

Skil Table Saw

Also, on the front is where the push stick is located.  The stick is easy to access.

The built-in stand is one of the best features of this saw.  No more trying to set it up and try to align the saw with the stand.  Now you can just press a button and open up each leg and you’re set to go.

Skil Table Saw Performance

As far as table saws go, this is one of the best homeowner saws we have tested.  The saw is powerful, easy to set up, and offers a lot of features the professional table saws offer.

While it’s powerful and easy to use, two features that I love about this saw, other than the integrated stand, is the fence system.  I love the rack and pinion fence rails.  Making a quick adjustment is easy and accurate.  The rail system is smooth.

The other feature of the fence system is how it locks down. The front and back of the fence both lock down in place, which is important.  I have seen a lot of other homeowner brands where just the front locks down.  The problem with this is as you push the wood through the blade, the wood puts pressure on the fence and the fence can flex, which means you have an inaccurate cut.  So I am happy Skil has a solid fence.

Skil Table Saw Value

The table saw is retailing for $299 on Amazon.  As far as I am concerned, this is a steal.  You get a quality table saw, that has professional features and it includes a stand.  Heck, most stands cost a $100 by themselves.  So yes, $299 is a great deal.

Skil Table Saw Wrap Up

The bottom line, this is a great homeowner’s table saw.  When you compare it to other homeowner table saws in the market place, the Skil stands out for quality, features, and ease of use.



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