Werner Multi Purpose Ladder Review

Werner Multi Purpose Ladder Review

What do you think of when you think Multi Ladder?  Do you think heavy, do you think practical or do you think Little Giant?  I know for a lot of people when I tell them about Multi Ladders, everyone brings up the Little Giant.  People are surprised when I pass up the Little Giant and right away tell them about the Werner.  When it comes to ladders, Werner is the name I trust.  Sure Little Giant did an awesome job at marketing a ladder, but there is more than just marketing.  So let’s jump into the Werner Multi-Purpose Ladder Review.

Werner Multi Purpose Ladder Review Overview

So here is the deal.  When I first heard about Multi ladders, I saw it on late-night TV.  I thought it was a joke and a sale gimmick so I had no interest.  Then we had a chance to try one out.  While I could see that it has some advantages, I still wasn’t sold, well that was until I used the WernerMT 26.  I liked the LIttle Giant, but the MT 26 had a much better build quality and felt better.

The biggest knock the MT 26 received was the weight.  Sure it’s heavier than the Little Giant but it’s actually a good thing.  You really don’t want a very light ladder since it’s easier to knock around and fall over.  Each year the emergency rooms see tons of people from ladder accidents, so this is something you can’t take lightly.  You need to understand ladder safety and ladder rating before you buy or use a ladder.

I liked the Werner much better because it felt more stable.  Currently, I am working on my house addition and have used my Werner MT for so many different projects and I absolutely love the ladder.  So when Werner reached out saying they have another Multi-Position ladder that is lighter, I really didn’t have any interest.  Sure lightweight is great when moving it around, but when I am at top of a ladder, I want a heavy, stable ladder that doesn’t have much bounce.

Well, I ended up trying the new Pro series ladder and the one thing I can say, I am glad I did because it has everything about the MT ladder, but it holds 75 lbs more and it’s lightweight.

I am not going to get into everything a Multi Ladder can do because that is an article all by itself.  But if you would like to learn more, check out the Werner Video.

Werner Multi Purpose Ladder Review Features

Werner Multi Purpose Ladder Review

This ladder is the MT-26IAA so it’s comparable to the MT that I have been using for years.  The ladder has a reach of 26′, with 41 adjustable positions.  Basically this is a 5 in 1 ladder. The ladder weighs in at about 50 lbs.

Werner Multi Purpose Ladder Review

The ladder can support up to 375 lbs. which is 75 lbs more than my current MT 26. I know what your thinking, I don’t weight over 375 lbs so why do I need such a large capacity.  There are plenty of times where I have two people on a ladder.  When it’s set up on a step ladder mode, I will be on one side and have someone on the other side holding something I am trying to fasten to a wall or hang.

Werner Multi Purpose Ladder Review

Werner uses a large push knob to open and close the ladder.

Werner Multi Purpose Ladder Review

They also increased the durability of the j-locks, please they are very smooth and easy to adjust.

Werner Multi Purpose Ladder Review

The rails seem to be the same as the older MT 26 ladder which I always liked.  I like the grip and aren’t bad working on, even when on there for longer periods of use.

Werner Multi Purpose Ladder Review

The ladder uses anti-slip feet.

Comparison vs the Previous Model

Werner Multi Purpose Ladder Review

So as noted, I have the older model and wanted to see how it compares against the new model.  The new model weighs in at about 50 lbs while the older models weigh in at about 54 Lbs.

So the ladder is lighter but considering it holds 75 lobs more, that is a big plus.

I never have had a problem with the older model push knobs.  I have left this ladder outside in the snow, rain and other elements and it has always been rock solid.  The newer push knobs do seem bigger and they are smoother but it’s also newer.

Werner Multi Purpose Ladder Review

The design and ease of use are the same between the two ladders.  The main thing that stands out to me it the j-lock which seems to have a different design and is extremely easy to move and use.

Werner Multi Purpose Ladder Review Performance

Werner Multi Purpose Ladder Review

So this is my back of the house.  You can see the ground sucks and the top is extremely high.  Even for someone like me who is not afraid of heights, this is tall and one slip, your toast.  I used this ladder for putting up the beadboard, the supports, sheathing, and house wrap.

When I first started using the ladder, I didn’t have the top section on the ladder.  For some reason, I put the top section on and what a difference.  So when working up high, even if you don’t need it, I would put the top section on.  Besides giving it a wider surface area against the wall, it also gives you more working room when higher up.

For me, this ladder is the best for three reasons and it all has to do with the build quality.

Reason 1 – This ladder has very little flex and bounce when you set the ladder up the right way (75-degree angle).  I have been on some ladders where you get above the midway point and it feels like every step is going to bounce you off, which I won’t use or go on any of those ladders.  The Werner, for some reason, doesn’t have the bounce like others we have tried over the years.  Just this is enough to buy this ladder for me.

Reason 2 – The ladder always closes.  When changing the shape of the ladder or extending the ladder, the j-locks and the push knobs always snap into place.  The last thing you want to do is start climbing a ladder and realizing that a j-lock or push button didn’t seed correctly.  Werner has never had an issue.  I still always double-check that everything is seated correctly but it’s a nice feeling to know that it’s designed correctly and for my protection.

Reason 3 – The ladder just feels good.  If you go on a ladder and feel nervous, the best thing to do is get off.  If you’re not feeling comfortable, don’t use it.  For me, when I high up, I feel comfortable and confident that I can work safely.  I don’t know if it’s the wider base at the bottom keeping it stable or the wider base at the top giving me stability and more working room but it just has the feeling where I am comfortable to work.

Werner Multi Purpose Ladder Review Value

You can pick up this ladder at The Home Depot for about $300.  Here is my thought.  This ladder is worth every penny.  Sure you can find other manufacturers but when it comes to ladders, don’t worry about the price.  This is your life and your safety.  I was a firefighter for 13 years and I have seen people get hurt on ladders because they aren’t using them right or they bought junky ladders.  I think some products are ok to go cheap on and buy the off-brand but when it comes to being high up, go with the best.  $300 is worth the money.  If you want to save a couple of bucks, go with the smaller versions of this ladder.

Werner Multi Purpose Ladder Review Final Thoughts

I can’t say enough about this ladder without sounding like a salesman.  I just love this ladder and it’s a ladder I trust.  When it comes to my safety, I am trusting Werner.  They have been around since 1963, they have the knowledge and the know-how to make the best ladders on the market.  When it comes to any ladder that puts me more than 10′ of the ground, I am going with Werner.


  1. Frankly when the Little Giant first came out I thought it was gimmicky, and stuck with a regular extension ladder and the traditional “A” frame step ladder. Then I used one…and I realized they had revolutionized the ladder! Wow all in one and truly no compromise. This Werner model looks to be an evolution and improvement on the original and when I do buy one of these in the future this will no doubt be at the top of my list! Thanks for the review!


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