Makita Combo Kit Review – Drill Driver and Impact Driver

Makita Combo Kit Review

A drill/driver and impact driver are probably the most used power tools among contractors and a homeowner.  So today, we are talking about a power tool combo kit that has both a drill/driver and an impact driver.  So let’s take a look at the Makita Combo Kit Review.

Makita Combo Kit Review Overview

As you know, there are plenty of power tool manufacturers to buy into.  So what makes this kit and Makita a viable choice.

First, Makita offers one of the largest 18V platforms of power tool on the market.  So if you need to buy other tools, you can pretty much stay with their battery and not have to worry about investing in other batteries in the future.

Second, you can get into the Makita line with a powerful drill/driver and impact driver for half the cost it would take to go with other two-piece combo kits.

Makita Combo Kit Review Features

Makita Combo Kit Review

The Makita kit (XT281S) comes with a Drill/Driver, Impact Driver, 2-3Ah batteries, a charger, and a bag.

The 3 Ah batteries are part of the Makita 20V line.  If you have other batteries such as the 5 Ah battery, these tools will also work with that battery.

Makita Combo Kit Review

The Drill/Driver (XT281S) delivers 440 in/lbs of torque and utilizes a brushless motor to achieve this power.

Makita Combo Kit Review

The drill uses a metal chuck that has a plastic cover.

The Makita has a 1-21 with a drill only clutch mode.

As with other drill/drivers, this has two speeds.  Speed 1 gives you 0-500 and speed 2 gives you0-1,900 rpm’s.

Makita Combo Kit Review

I have always been a huge fan of the Makita handles.  I love the feel the size and the rubber over-mold grip.

Makita Combo Kit Review

The drill utilizes a variable speed trigger which is pretty easy to feather and keep at a constant speed.

Makita Combo Kit Review

The Impact driver is also built around a brushless motor that puts out 1,500 in/lbs of torque and produces 0-3,400 rpms with 0-3,600 ipm.

Makita Combo Kit Review

The tool has a 1/4″ hex collet.

Makita Combo Kit Review

As with the drill, the impact driver also has a comfortable handle.

Makita Combo Kit Review

Right below the collet, there is an LED light that doesn’t do a bad job lighting up your work.

Makita Combo Kit Review Performance

I am currently working on a home addition and have been using these tools for some of the projects.  As you can see, I was using this impact for new stairs we were putting in the basement.  I also used it for hanging sheathing up on the outside of the house.  Makita is known for its impact drivers and this impact holds true to their reputation.

Makita Combo Kit Review

The drill was just as impressive.  I used it for drilling 1″ holes for piping and also used it for 1-3/16″ drill bits.  Time and time again, the drill was a workhorse and never gave up.  I have to say that the power and the ergonomics is what stood out to me with the drill.

Makita Combo Kit Review Value

The kit runs about $229 at The Home Depot.  Considering you get a Drill/Driver, Impact Driver, two batteries and a charger for under $250, I think this is a steal.  You have to remember you are getting a professional drill and impact, plus access to a large line of other 18V tools.  So yes, I think it’s a great deal.

Makita Combo Kit Review Final Thoughts

While Makita offers other drill/drivers and impact drivers that have more features, this is a great budget combo kit to get into.  These tools are powerful and a great value to get yourself into the Makita line.  As noted above, Makita has one of the largest power tool lines in the industry.  So when you need to expand, you know you can stay with Makita and not have to worry about investing in another line of tools.

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