Milwaukee Cordless Router Review

Milwaukee Cordless Router Review

Battery technology has come a long way.  It’s amazing to think of all the different high demand tools that can be run off batteries.  No longer is it just a drill and impact, now you can run breakers, saws and more.  So speaking of a high demand tool, let’s check out the Milwaukee Cordless Router Review and see if this is something a battery can truly power and make this a workable tool.

Milwaukee Cordless Router Review Overview

So when it comes to woodworking, what companies do you think of?  Probably not Milwaukee Tools.  Heck, even Milwaukee says they aren’t going into woodworking tools and that isn’t their business.  So here is the problem I have with that.

I think Milwaukee needs to hit woodworking hard for a couple of reasons.  First, they have the know-how.  When they jump into categories, they dominate. Second, they already have woodworking tools and they are some of the best.  I have an older plug-in router that is awesome.  I call it the sleeper because no one talks about it but it’s one of the best-built routers. Take their miter saws, again a top performer.  Another reason they need to jump into woodworking tools, one word, batteries.  Batteries have come so far and Milwaukee is one of the tops when it comes to power tool batteries.

Milwaukee Cordless Router Review Features

Milwaukee Cordless Router Review

The router is built around a brushless motor and is designed to compete against its corded counterpart.  The router generates 1.25 peak horsepower when pairing with a Milwaukee 5 Ah battery.

The 5 Ah battery is part of the Milwaukee M18 line, which offers a huge range of other power tools.  Now you can use this router with a smaller amp hour battery or even their 9 Ah or 12 Ah battery but I think it feels and works best with the 5 Ah battery.

Milwaukee Cordless Router Review

The 2723-20 is a bare tool and comes with the following:

  • 1/4″ Collet; 4″ Round Sub-base Plate
  • 5-3/4″ Template Sub-base plate
  • 11/16″ collet wrench
  • 7/16″ Spindle wrench
  • Dust Shroud
  • Fixed Base
  • Straight Edge Guide

The variable speed dial is located towards the top of the tool so it’s easy to adjust on the fly.  You can adjust the speed from 10,000 to 31,000 rpms.

Milwaukee Cordless Router Review

The on/off toggle switch is dust sealed.

Milwaukee Cordless Router Review

There is a small dial for fine-tuning and micro-adjustments.

Milwaukee Cordless Router Review

On the router, there is etched in measurements that comes in handy.

On the backside of the tool, there is rubber over-mold which makes working with the router safer and easier to hold onto instead of just metal.

Milwaukee Cordless Router Review Performance

Milwaukee Cordless Router Review

All I can say is I absolutely love this router.  The router is smooth and easy to work with.  Sure it’s for certain applications but for a cordless router, it rocks. I can use large bits and the router has no problem keeping up with me or the bit.

I love how compact it is and easy it is to maneuver around.  Changing speed while working with the tool is also easy.

Milwaukee Cordless Router Review

For this project, I was making stairs.  So I used a large bit to get a nice rounded edge.  As I said before, it has no problem keeping up with me or the work at hand.

Milwaukee Cordless Router Review Value

You can pick this router up at The Home Depot for $179 which is the bare tool.  The price isn’t bad.  While it’s a little higher than some competition, they can justify it with the quality, the ease of use and the power.  So in the end, the price is fair.

Milwaukee Cordless Router Review Final Thoughts

The bottom line, I love this router.  I can’t really think of any negatives or issues with the router.  I love everything from the build quality to the ease of use, to the comfort.  This is one example of why that Milwaukee needs to enter the woodworking category.

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