Top 15 Tool Gifts for Mom on Christmas

It is that time of year again.  Time to find some great gifts to buy mom for Christmas.  You can check this link out if you are looking for gifts for dad.  Okay, we may have lied in the title however since we are a tool site we will try to toss a couple tool ideas in the mix, but sometimes moms don’t get as excited about power tools as we do.
  1. Peace and Quiet– Try giving mom some peace by giving her time alone.  I bet she would love this one.
  2. A book or magazine – If she is not a big fan of reading books try a movie.
  3. Did we say peace and quiet – Did you skip over number 1?  If so you should go back and check this one out.
  4. Breakfast in bed – If you are a husband, son or daughter think about how many times she took care of you.  At least we can give her one day.  If you don’t cook, try Captain Crunch.  After all didn’t mom teach us it was the thought that counted.  Let’s see if she still believes that.
  5. Craftsman Clench Wrench Two Piece set – Actually you can get this for me too, I mean dad. You didn’t think we would put a tool in the top ten list?  After all we are a tool site.
  6. Video and Popcorn – Buy your mom her favorite video and a box of microwave popcorn.  I am sure her favorite candy wouldn’t hurt either.
  7. Card – Why not create a card for your mom?  Instead of buying a card for your mom, create one for her.
  8. Craftsman V4 Combo Screwdriver & Cutter – This is a 4 volt set which is great for hobbies and other small to do items.  If your mom is not into power tools, this can be a great compromise.
  9. Craftsman Nextec G2 Multi Tool – Okay if your mom does want a little more power and versatility, but doesn’t want to own a lot of tools, this is a must.  This will allow your mom to be a handyman in no time.  Sorry, handymom in no time.
  10. Dremel – Who wouldn’t love a Dremel as a present?  They do so much and they are easy to use.
  11. Milwaukee 18V Impact – Ok maybe that’s just something I really want.  You could pull a Homer Simpson and buy her something you really want, when you know she doesn’t want it, now it is yours.  Well I guess that’s pretty low.  I guess mom should know us by now.
  12. Dinner – Not another cooking idea.  No actually this one you take her out.  Tell her to put her best dress on, “We are going to the gas station to grab a bite to eat.”  Bet she will love you for that one.   Grab a gift certificate to her favorite restaurant and surprise her.  Actually forget the gift card.  I am sure after the gas station crack, if she already has the money she might not bring you along.
  13. Craftsman Screwdriver Set – Craftsman has some great screwdriver sets for a good price.  Who doesn’t need a good screwdriver set?  Am I right?
  14. A day out – Take mom out for the day and do things she likes to do.  It does not have to cost anything.  Maybe it is just a walk in the park.  Whatever it is, put her at the top of the list.
  15. A photo album – Put together a nice photo album of your family and give that to her.  Include pictures when everyone was young and a timeline of photos of your family.  I am pretty sure she will love that one.

Wow I really feel we came out of our shell here at Tools in Action.  That’s an awesome list if I do say so myself.  Yeah I know we didn’t have many tools on it, kind of weird isn’t it?  I know we are a tool site and you probably expected a lot of tools, but we wanted to put a realistic list together.  Let us know if we forgot anything that should have been on this list.


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