Holiday Gifts for Under $100


This week’s 2023 TIA Holiday Gift Guides have focused on different gift budgets. It’s Thursday and we are finally to Holiday Gifts Under $100. These gifts are for the favorite people on your shopping list this year.

Holiday Gifts Under $100

The gifts on this list are between $75 to $100. When you’re spending this much on a gift it’s usually for a purpose. A lot of these gifts are great for your couple-friends who just bought their first house, or your cousin who is renovating his bathroom, or your best work friend who likes to work in their garage when they’re off the clock.

HitchSafe HS7000 Key Vault

Gifts for Outdoorsy People

“Secure Your Valuables – Enjoy Outdoor Activities Without Thinking Of Losing Your Keys, Cards Or Valuables.” Do have an apartment dweller on your list?

This is a great option to hide an extra door key, so they never get locked out (again).

  • Amazon Review:Great Product – I got this to secure an extra car key in case I lose my keys on a business trip. Installation is a no-brainer, and product is extremely solid. Highly recommended.”
  • Where to Buy: $72.95 on Amazon.


Eufy Smart Door Lock

2023 TIA Holiday Gifts Under $100

I have the upgraded door lock with the camera and love this system. While the lock is quality and easy to use, the best feature is the app. The app is easy to navigate and doesn’t lag or glitch, which has been the most annoying aspect of other systems for me.

  • Amazon Review: “I recently installed the Eufy Security C210 Smart Lock, and I couldn’t be happier with its performance and the peace of mind it has brought to my home.”
  • Where to Buy: On Sale for $74.99.  Normally $99.


Vacuum Sealer for Food Storage

2023 TIA Holiday Gifts Under $100

Nothing more frustrating than wanting some food and going to the refrigerator only to find out it’s spoiled. This is also great for freezing items and preventing freezer burn. This is going to be one of my next purchases.

  • Amazon Review: “This Vacuum Sealer has made my vegetables, fruit and meat look fresh as I purchased them. The machine is easy to use and clean. No more frostbite.”
  • Where to Buy: On Sale for $87.67 down from $99.99.


Fitland Bathroom Mirror with Light and Anti-Fog

2023 TIA Holiday Gifts Under $100

This is a game-changer. We have one in our bathroom and love it. This one is much better than the one I own. I have a very old version and it doesn’t have a timer for the anti-fog. I have definitely woken up in the morning to find out I left the anti-fog on all night.

  • Amazon Review: “OMG, this mirror is gorgeous! The lighting is perfect for selfies, makeup application & giving good face. It was pretty ez to put up, you will need a drill to secure safely to the wall. The lighting makes my bathroom feel like a hotel or spa.”
  • Where to Buy: On Sale for $105.99, down from $124.99 on Amazon.


iSpring Undersink Ro System

2023 TIA Holiday Gifts Under $100

For the money, iSpring is one of the best. I have a whole home water filtration system and it’s awesome. Coffee and everything else you drink tastes so much better.

  • Amazon Review: “Don’t know how I lived without this filtration system before, but life has improved since then. The ease of having filtered water for coffee, dog dish, and everything else is fantastic! No more trickling filtered water through the faucet attachment, the pressure is just like through regular faucet, running strong and fast.”
  • Where to Buy: On Sale for $112.42, down from $136 on Amazon.


Bio Bidet Toilet Seat

2023 TIA Holiday Gifts Under $100

No one wants to relive the toilet paper shortage of 2020, am I right?

Okay, so I don’t own this or totally understand why people get so fanatical about them. But I hear people talk about these and how much they like them (and how convenient it would have been in 2020). They tend to be pricey so when I saw this one, I had to put it on this list as the price is right and it has good reviews.

  • Amazon Review: “Absolutely nothing to dislike. It works as a feature so easy to install. “
  • Where to Buy: On Sale for $99, normally $129 on Amazon.


EGO Power+ Portable Light

2023 TIA Holiday Gifts Under $100

When it comes to outdoor power equipment, EGO is the leader. This light is a no-brainer.  I have it and use it all the time. It’s technically a work light, but once you have one you end up using it for so much more.

I especially like it in the summer when we want to stay outdoors late at night. It’s bright and runs for a long time. The multiple adjustable light heads allow you to shine the light in any direction.

  • Amazon Review: “The light is very well built and feels more like a professional tool than a DYI tool. The options for light output and light placement create endless options. Additionally, the battery life is outstanding.”
  • Where to Buy: On Sale for $99, down from $159 on Amazon.


Dreo Space Heater

If you need heat, this is a great little space heater to help keep the room warm or just take the chill out of a drafty space.

  • Amazon Review: “I use this in a pretty large room, about 20 feet by 20 feet. Disperses heat more evenly around the room than my radiator style space heater.
    Works as expected. Nice and quiet.”
  • Where to Buy: On Sale at Amazon for $84.99, normally $99.99.


Levoit Smart Warm and Cool Humidifier

2023 TIA Holiday Gifts Under $100

Winter is here and humidity is drying up. Putting a little humidity in the air can make all the difference between a good night’s rest or waking up with a bloody nose.

  • Amazon Review: “This is our best humidifier ever! I plan to buy more. It only puts humidity into air when it’s driest so it saves on water. Super quiet. Easy to use.”
  • Where to Buy: On sale for $93.47, normally $109.99.


Personalized Whiskey Barrel

2023 TIA Holiday Gifts Under $100

I really do not have to explain this one, who wouldn’t want a personalized Whiskey Barrel?

  • Kiaya’s Review: “My husband received this as a gift from one of our friend’s many years back. It’s a thoughtful piece that has followed us through all of our different homes.”
  • Where to Buy: $90.00 on itsThoughtful.


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