14 Tools to Buy This Valentine’s Day That Are Better Than Chocolate


Who says the perfect Valentine’s day gift is flowers, chocolates, and fancy dinners? Celebrate Valentine’s day your way. Gift or get something you will truly love, like one of these 14 tools that are better than chocolate!

14 Tools Better Than Chocolate

These tools and accessories are a great alternative to traditional Valentine’s day gifts, especially if your special someone (even if that’s you) likes to work with their hands, do things around the house, or the garage is their oasis.

MULE 5-in-1 Mobile Workshop

Valentine's day gifts better than chocolate: the MULE mobile workshop

A dolly, a shop fan, a work light, and a power source. The MULE Mobile Workshop has a durable professional-grade construction and comes equipped with all terrain 8 in. tires so it can turn any location into the ideal worksite.

Even if “work” is rolling a stocked cooler to the backyard on a hot summer day.

eufy 3-in-1 Smart Lock S330

Did you know tools are one of the most commonly stolen items from stores, homes, and jobsites?

This eufy Smart Lock can be installed anywhere, along with most eufy Security products. You can see whose coming and going from your home or workshop in 2k resolution, and AI-enhanced motion detection prevents annoying false alarms.

HART Electric Pressure Washer

Valentine's day gifts better than chocolate: HART pressure washer

We couldn’t make a Valentine’s day list without mentioning “HART” power tools.

HART is Walmart’s in-house power tool and outdoor power equipment (OPE) brand. These products are extremely affordable and accessible. Even if you use a different brand for most of your cordless tools and OPE, it can be worth it to use HART for certain specialty tools and equipment or products your everyday brand doesn’t carry.

This HART Pressure Washer is a great lightweight pressure washer to keep up on maintenance for your deck, walkways, siding and more.

  • Customer Review: “Once again Hart delivers a perfect product. This power washer has it all: excellent water pressure, easy assembly, and compact enough to store easily on a shelf. I had the item unpacked and assembled in less than 10 minutes. The wand has 3 different nozzle attachments to fit every cleaning need, including one for dispensing soap. I was surprised at how long the electric cord is, and the compact size makes it convenient to move around.” – Walmart.com.
  • Where to Buy: $115 from Walmart, or $117 on Amazon.

Sharp Pog Oscillating Blade Sharpener

Sharp Pog

This is one of our favorite all-time products. This simple drill attachment extends the life of oscillating blades by grinding away dull or snapped blades and sharpening them back to like-new condition.

  • Customer Review: “If you owed a Oscillating Multi-Tool or just purchase one, please buy this item ! I will highly recommend to you buy this item. It actually does what it’s made for, easy to use and does exactly what it’s made for.” – Amazon Review
  • TIA Review: Sharp Pog – Oscillating Blade Sharpener Review
  • Where to Buy: $44.95 on Amazon.

WALABOT DIY 2 Stud Finder for Smartphones

The WALABOT DIY 2 upgrades your smartphone into a modern stud finder.

The WALABOT is a sleek stud finder that transmits a visual display to your smartphone. WALABOT has both professional and consumer models available. All current models can identify and display the difference between wood and metal studs. The more advance professional models also have a live radar view. This is usual for detecting activity, such as finding a mouse or animal hiding in the wall.

  • Customer Review: “This Walabot far outstrips any stud finder I have ever used. It is my second one, and this one is better, with better imaging and the ability to pair to either Android or Apple.” – Amazon Review
  • Where to Buy: Available on Amazon.

Make Your Own Rose Welding Kit

Valentine's day gifts better than chocolate: Rose Welding Kit

Okay, maybe flowers are the perfect gift for your special someone. But let them know it’s from you with your own DIY, heavy-metal spin to it.

RYOBI Rotary Tool Kit

2023 Mother's Day Gift Guide RYOBI 18V Rotary Tool Kit

RYOBI doesn’t just make great tools. RYOBI has a huge collection of professional craft tools and tons of craft tutorials on RYOBI NATION–RYOBI’s crafters community platform.

One of our favorite tools is the RYOBI Rotary Kit because it has so many uses. You can use it to create custom jewelry, engrave wood–we even used it to carve pumpkins! This is another item that makes a great Valentine’s day gift or you can make your own Valentine’s day gifts with it.

  • Customer Review: “Exactly as advertised. I’ve been using a Dremel rotary tool for years but this Ryobi unit is much better. I ordered assorted size collets to fit my dental handpiece drills. Used it immediately after unpacking with a pre-charged battery. Very pleased with this unit.”
  • Where to Buy: RYOBI Rotary Tool Kits are available at The Home Depot and Amazon.

Diablo Saw Blades

Diablo Saw Blades are our go-to blades. Which blade to buy as a Valentine’s day gift will depend on what kind of projects your Valentine is working on or enjoys. This blade in this video is the Diablo Steel Demon, but Diablo makes blades for cutting through wood, steel, cement–anything you need to slice through, Diablo has it. 

Perfect for the carpenter in your life, or someone who just wants to rip through a steel beam like in the video above.

Oklahoma Joe Marshal Centerbox Smoker

Yes, we consider a smoker a tool, especially a more traditional box-style smoker like the Oklahoma Joe Marshal Centerbox Smoker. It’s very hands-on, requires some skill (or desire to learn), and results in a finished product that is both essential and enjoyable.

This was Eric’s #1 pick for a Valentine’s day gift (for himself and others). We like modern smokers with their gadgets, but we feel there is just something extra rewarding about smoking meat in a more “primitive” way.

This Oklahoma Joe smoker doesn’t add extra bells and whistles. It’s more so polishes up the traditional southern smoker for a more consistent experience.

Husky 5000 Lumen LED Flashlight 3-Pack

Valentine's day gifts better than chocolate: Husky LED flashlight 3-pack

I don’t know what’s wrong with us, but us tool-lovers love a good flashlight–and this is a three pack! 

There’s obviously a lot of flashlights out there. Husky is a store-brand, so the products tend to be more affordable and the brand has a dependable quality. Plus, they come with a USB-C cord to recharge.

Milwaukee M18 18V 3600-Watt/1800-Watt Battery Power Supply

Valentine's day gifts better than chocolate: Milwaukee M18 Power Supply

This Milwaukee Battery Power Supply can power your 15 amp Milwaukee tools, charge your M18, or just provide easy and portable power for items like your phone, computer, speakers, and so on. Plus it’s quiet and odorless. It’s great addition to the garage or workspace, especially for your Milwaukee lover. Yes, it will assist with projects, but it also provides power during emergencies.

Husky Tool Chests & Storage

Whether you want just a simple, traditional tool chest or a massive professional storage system, Husky has you covered. Husky is The Home Depot’s store brand and are typically either priced cheaper or in-line with the competition. This plus the quality makes Husky tool boxes and work benches extremely popular.

The best part about Husky is that their tool chests can be modified to create a custom tool storage system.

Contractor’s First Aid Kit

Valentine's day gifts better than chocolate: contractor's first aid kit

Because what says “I love you” like a first aid kit to help your loved one come home in one piece?

This first aid kit is perfect for contractors and most skilled trade professionals. Whether this person does solo jobs or has a team, it’s great to be prepared for emergencies.

  • Customer Review: “Perfect compact first aid kit for our company vehicles & the price is great !!” – Amazon Review.
  • Where to Buy: $35.26 on Amazon.

Philips HeartStart Home AED Defibrillator

Valentine's day gifts better than chocolate: PHILIPS home AED defibrillator

While we’re talking about safety we also want to mention these emergency defibrillators. Skilled trade professionals, especially electricians are exposed to shock hazards on a regular basis. The job can also be physically demanding, and all of this poses hazards to a professionals heart health including cardiac arrest.

While an emergency AED defibrillator is not a sexy gift, it’s a thoughtful one. It’s great for anyone who works with a crew. We hope they never have to use it. But an emergency defibrillator can be literally life-saving during a cardiac event.

CrazyChoco Chocolate Hand Tools

Valentine's day gifts better than chocolate: artisan chocolate hand tools

Because maybe you did want some chocolate after all.

CrazyChoco makes a variety of artisan chocolates resembling vintage handguns, monsters, and now chocolate toolboxes.

Happy Valentine’s Day

Well I hope today’s items make this Valentine’s day a little sweeter. Let us know what items your gifting to your special someone or what you’re spoiling yourself with.


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