MULE Mobile Workshop & Garage Fan


We saw a lot of cool new and exciting products at the 2023 National Hardware show in Las Vegas.  While there were a lot of companies that stood out, MULE had a cool twist on a common tool we see and use all the time, the utility dolly.  And while we were at their booth, there was something else that caught our eye, a garage fan.  So let’s jump in and talk about the MULE Mobile Workshop and the MULE Garage Fan.

MULE – Overview

MULE might not be a name you are familiar with but they have been creating and developing products for the home hardware and ceiling fan industry for over 25 years.

Today we are focusing on two of their products, the MULE Mobile Workshop and the MULE Garage Fan.  The MULE Mobile Workshop puts a twist on the utility dolly as it offers more features than the traditional dolly such as electricity and other accessories, and even a fan.

The MULE Garage Fan is also a cool product.  When I am in the garage, I like to have some air movement instead of stale air.  However, I really don’t want to pay for an electrician to come and wire up a fan for me.  This fan is plug-and-play and easy to use.

MULE – Mobile Workshop

The MULE Mobile Workshop is something I have never seen before.  This is a utility dolly that includes a wide variety of accessories that you tend to use when working.

Need to lift and transport something heavy? No worries. The foldable loading tray can haul a wide variety of items up to 200 lbs.

Another extremely cool and helpful feature is the integrated power strip. It has three 110v 3-prong outlets and two USB ports.  How many times are you looking for extra outlets?  Now you can have easy access to multiple outlets right at your work area.

The built-in 14″ fan is literally a “really cool feature”.  Who doesn’t need a little air movement when working? On high, this fan produces 1974 CFM.

Work lights are often a must.  The built-in light puts out 1500 lumens to help light up your work area.

Mule Mobile Workshop

The 8″ no flat wheels are large enough so when you are rolling it around, small pebbles, curbs, etc., won’t keep you from transporting your tools and accessories to where you need them.

The MULE Mobile Workshop is designed with a molded tray affixed to the handle. This tray has flat surfaces as well as receptacles and holes to put and/or hang things in, keeping tools and other small items easily accessible.  Additional accessories like two styles of cup holders and a phone holder are also available.

You can check more out on their MULE Mobile Workshop.

MULE – Garage Fan

If you are like me and want some air movement, this is the perfect fan.  What I like best about this fan, besides the 3300 CFM is how easy it is to install plus it uses a three-prong cord so no extra wiring.  This is a ceiling-mounted fan so it doesn’t take up any floor or counter space. You can just grab the large handle on the bottom and swivel the fan 360° pointing it in any direction you’d like to get air movement where you want it.

Along with the above, the fan also has the following features:

  • Size – 18″
  • Motor – 3-speed AC Motor
  • Cord Length – 96″
  • Downrod – 6″ and 12″, which both are included
  • Control  – on/off, and low, medium, high, controlled with one knob
  • Retail Price – $199

Installing the fan is extremely easy, with just a couple of screws.  Once you have the fan installed, you lift up on the cover to hide the hardware and then plug the fan in and you are all set to go.

If you have a high ceiling, no worries.  The included remote will allow you to adjust the speed.

You can check more out on the MULE Garage Fan.

MULE – The Wrap

MULE used their industry experience and knowledge to develop two unique, problem-solving products.  The MULE Mobile Workshop is a utility dolly unlike any other we’ve seen. It has so many convenient features and helps you transport everything you need to your work areas. And with its long list of integrated accessories, it could definitely save a lot of time, money, and headaches.  The garage fan is an easy-to-install and easy-to-use, space-saving fan.  Can’t really ask for more than that. We were impressed with both of these MULE products that will be available sometime in Summer 2023.


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