Did Louisville Ladder Invent the Best Ladder?

The best ladder is the Louisville Ladder Cross-Step Ladder

Who makes the best ladder? This is one of my endless quests. I have always been impressed by brands WERNER and Gorilla Ladders. But even a stable ladder made from quality materials still feels awkward to work on, you strain your sides and back reaching because it can’t get close enough to your project, and it’s not versatile enough to use for every project. Well, Louisville Ladder must have been listening because they’re new cross-step ladder addresses all these common problems.

This year I went to World of Concrete and I got to spend some time at the Louisville Ladder booth. They showed me their new and improved Louisville Ladder Cross-Step Ladder. It has a ton of unique features and has the versatility to work with the majority of projects.

You can check out the Louisville Ladder Cross-Step Ladder in our TIA video. But I’m still going to tell you why I think it’s the new best ladder.

Features of the Louisville Ladder Cross-Step Ladder

  • Available sizes
  • Step ladder/shelf ladder combination
  • Can be placed up against walls
  • Anti-slip non-marring Pro Top and feet
  • Patented V-Shape Pro Top
  • Weight capacity and safety rating
  • Supply Tray

Available Sizes

The best ladder, the Louisville Ladder Cross-Step Ladder comes in sizes 4 ft., 6 ft., 8 ft., 10 ft., and 12 ft.

The new and improved Louisville Ladder Cross-Step Ladder (series FXS1400HD) is available in 4 ft., 6 ft., 8 ft., 10 ft., and 12 ft. The price on these ladders ranges from $151.99 to $436.99 at The Home Depot.

The previous Cross-Step FXS1500 series is extremely similar. Those ladders have a lot of the same features and comes in all the same sizes. However, the previous series is bright orange and has a lower max weight capacity of 300 lbs.

Step Ladder/Shelf Ladder Combination

This ladder is designed to be leaned up against walls or pop-out the second set of legs. The anti-slip feet have increased surface area to prevent the ladder from sliding out.

Get Closer

The step ladder is designed so that the support legs fit more directly under the shelf so the legs don’t spread out as far. This allows you to get closer to the work area. No more stretching and reaching. So, no more aches and strains to your torso and arms.

Anti-Slip Non-Marring Pro Top & Feet

The ladder gets extra stability, especially when propped up against a wall from the anti-slip non-marring Pro Top shelf at the top, and feet on the bottom. The non-marring feature also prevents the ladder from buffing the surface it’s pressed up against.

Patented V-Shape Pro Top

The best ladder, the Louisville Ladder Cross-Step Ladder hangs onto corners

In addition to the anti-slip and non-marring features, the Pro Top shelf also has a patented v-shaped divot. This divot also has the anti-slip material. Together this v-shaped divot allows the ladder to hug onto corners. This grip is further secured by the anti-slip feet. 

All around, this simple design adds a unique functionality to the ladder.

Weight Capacity & Safety Rating

This is a fiberglass ladder with a 375 lb. weight capacity. This weight capacity is the highest weight capacity for ladders in this size range.

Fiberglass is also considered a non-conductive material. This makes the Louisville Ladder Cross-Step Ladder an ideal ladder for electricians, or when working with or near electricity in general.

This ladder is also ANSI and OSHA certified.

Supply Tray

As a final bonus, Louisville Ladder says this ladder is equipped with a “magnet tray, hardware tray, drill and tool slots, and pipe or 2×4 holder.”


Again, the Louisville Ladder Cross-Step Ladder comes in a variety of sizes from 4 ft. to 12 ft. and range in price from $151.99 to $436.99 at The Home Depot.

Louisville Ladders tend to price on the higher side of average, but the price reflects the quality. A WERNER ladder of the same height, material and weight capacity would be similar in price. 

Example, an 8 ft. Louisville Ladder Cross-Step Ladder sells for $267.99 at The Home Depot, and a similar 8 ft. WERNER ladder sells for $257. Yes, the WERNER is cheaper. They are both made from fiberglass and have the same 375 lb. weight capacity. But the WERNER ladder is missing the secure feet, the non-slip shelf, it doesn’t fit on corners, and it doesn’t position against a wall. 

For $11 more the Louisville Ladder Cross-Step Ladder offers more versatility and utility than a comparable WERNER. That’s an incredible amount of value for a small difference in price.

Best Ladder?

Ladders are a simple design that many people don’t think twice about. But professionals and serious DIY’ers know how important it is to feel safe and comfortable while working. The Louisville Ladder Cross-Step Ladder offers these people a variety of options for a fair and average price. 

It’s a no brainer for me. This is the best ladder for pros.

I also think the Louisville Ladder Cross-Step Ladder makes a great household ladder because of its versatility to work as a traditional step ladder, be leaned against walls, and fit onto corners. This ladder should work in most household applications.

Would you give the Louisville Ladder Cross-Step Ladder a chance? Do you think there’s a better ladder out there? 

Comment with who you think makes the best ladder.

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