Walabot DIY 2 M Visual Stud Finder Review


Stud finders are great for locating studs, pipes, and wires when mounting a TV or identifying a load-bearing wall. The Walabot DIY 2M is your smart stud finder that sends a clear view of what is inside your walls to your smartphone, and at a great price for everyday consumers. Today we are going over the features of this smart stud finder, how to use it, and if it deserves a spot in your toolbox.

How Walabot DIY 2 M Works

Dan and I recorded a video walking you through how to use the Walabot DIY 2M, we went through its features, and compared it to the pro model called Walabot DIY 2.

Videos not your thing? Don’t worry. Keep reading for all you need to know about the Walabot DIY 2M.

Walabot DIY 2 M – How To Setup and Start

The Walabot DIY 2M works in two main parts. First, you have the wall scanner, which is a
separate device responsible for scanning the wall. The second part is the Walabot app,
available on both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, compatible with both Apple and Android devices. Once you have installed the app and signed in, it establishes a Wi-Fi connection between your phone and the device itself. No nearby Wi-Fi network is required; the connection is established directly between your phone and the 2M device.

The next step is calibration, which takes only a few seconds and ensures precise detection
results when using the Walabot DIY 2M. The scanner uses the app to send a view of the inside of your walls to your phone. This image, although not an x-ray, offers a visual representation of the radar readings. It enables you to distinguish between studs, pipes, as well as live and inactive wires. In essence, this tool is a miniature electromagnetic radar that connects to your phone and turns it into a smart stud finder.


  • Provides a near live-view of the inside of your walls.
  • It can detect objects that are up to four inches deep into the drywall.
  • The Walabot DIY 2M can detect various materials including wood studs, metal studs, metal pipes, conduit, gas pipes, plastic and PVC water pipes, and both dead and live wires of all types.
  • Wi-Fi connectivity allows the device and phone to work even when apart. This allows one person to scan while another person reads the results.
  • Walabot DIY 2M operates off its own rechargeable battery.


There are two ways to use the Walabot DIY 2M. You can hold the scanner in one hand and your phone in the other as you scan. Or, you can attach your phone to the scanner to create one device. Walabot has two accessories you can use to connect the device to your phone.

  • Gel Pads: Sticky, washable, and reusable pad that connects your phone to the stud finder. Available as a three-pack or five-pack.
  • Walattach: New magnetic rings kit that create a strong hold between your phone and Walabot DIY 2M. This Walabot video shows you how to install and use the Walattach.

Pro Model – Walabot DIY 2

For $20 more you can get the Walabot DIY 2. This professional model also includes a feature known as Expert mode, which provides raw radar detection. The main purpose of Expert mode is to double-check the readings obtained in Image mode. Essentially, the DIY 2 model functions as two devices: an Image mode stud finder and an Expert mode raw radar reading scanner. Additionally, Expert mode can be used to detect motion and locate animals that may have entered your wall. Therefore, the DIY 2 model effectively serves as a pest detection tool as well. Watch how Expert mode works in this Walabot video.

Value of Walabot DIY 2 M

The Walabot DIY 2M is available on its own for $169.95 or bundled with a protective case and charging cable for $214.95.

Yes, this is more than your $30 stud finder from the hardware store. But your $30 stud finder isn’t going to give you the confidence that the Walabot DIY 2M will. With this smart stud finder you are going to be confident every time you drill or break into a wall that you know what’s on the other side. You’re not going to break a pipe, you’re not going to electrocute yourself.

The Walabot DIY 2M is sort of in its own class. There aren’t really any wall scanners and stud finders out there that provide the image that Walabot does. There are some thermal scanners. They are not the same, but even if they were comparable the price on those start around $250.

Final Review

The Walabot DIY 2M upgrades the everyday stud finder into a smart device that is easy and
intuitive to use. It’s an exciting piece of technology at a reasonable price too. This device is also just fun to use.

So now we turn to you.

Would you give the Walabot DIY 2M a chance? If so, let us know in the comments what the first thing you plan to scan is.


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