Milwaukee M18 Sawzall – 2620-20


What’s more fun than destruction?  I don’t know, but if anyone can tell me I am open to listening.  That’s why I love reciprocating saws.  I get to destroy things.  I really don’t like the clean up, but I guess that comes with the fun.  I am sure by now you have at least tried a Sawzall and you know what I mean when I say these things rock.

The cordless Sawzall 2620-20 came in my new M18 kit.  I currently own a corded 13 amp Sawzall which I love and always reach for when I need to do a tear down.  I will still use that for most jobs, but it is nice to have a cordless version around for quick jobs or the times I am lazy and don’t want to get the extension cord, OK now thinking of it, I will probably use this more.  The feel and balance is what you expect from the Sawzall, they are all about the same where they have great balance and are very easy to work with.  The over molded grips are perfect to have complete control while wearing gloves or in hard to reach areas.  This cordless version uses a variable trigger to control the speed rating of 0-3,200 spm.


This saw uses the same Quick release system as the other sawzalls.  Instead of manually turning the release to insert the blade, there is a lever on the side that will turn the quick release to insert the blade.  When I first saw this, I almost cried because I thought Milwaukee changed their locking system.  After looking closer, I saw it was actually the same.  The reason Milwaukee implemented this lever system, is because while the shoe pivots, it doesn’t extend so there would be no way to access the release system.  Just wish the shoe extended.  Now this is up to you, but I think this is light weighing only 7.75 lbs.  I have seen some people complain about the weight, but you really don’t feel it because the balance in both hands makes it very easy to work with.

As I already complained and whined about, I don’t like clean up.  So while we didn’t tear down a house, Dan and myself did play around with the tool cutting a lot of different things to see how well it would work.  The counter balance mechanism seems to be just as good as their other sawzalls and while we did get the expected vibrations, it’s not nearly what we have felt on other reciprocating saws.

I do like this saw and will reach for it when I get to smaller projects, however there is still nothing that replaces my 13 amp Sawzall.  For quick jobs and even the jobs where power is absent, this saw is a great fit.




  1. I kinda wish I had a fancy battery operated sawzall. I still use the old Milwaukee sawzall that weights a ton, that they have had on the market for about 20 years now. It is a pain when you are holding it over your head.


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